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Ocwen did not take out money for taxes on two separate occasions and then sold my mortgage to another company. Now they have to figure out when this started happening and how to fix it. I have spoken to Ocwen who indicated that since they no longer hold the mortgage I need to speak to the other company. Other company didn't even get paperwork from Ocwen about my account so now my new mortgage company has to get in touch with Ocwen. Read more

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We have been dealing with OCWEN for about 6 years now, and it is a miracle we still have a home. We bought our home in 2004 from my husband's parents estate. His father had our home built in 1964, and no one has ever lived in the house but his family, he was raised here. Do not be deceived by OCWEN, they are not the company that "holds" your mortgage, they are hired by the Lender to collect your mortgage. Stand up to them, get an attorney like we did, we are not going down without a fight. They keep telling us our windstorm insurance has not... Read more

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Ocwen is Now charging me 2000.00 for insurance in my escrow so that there is a shortage and they can raise my fixed rate mortgage. They have been to court repeatedly for this, and yet they still do it. They need to be dissolved! Add comment

I responded to a review from Colorado- Poster was in Elizabeth, Colorado, I am in Lakewood. Ocwen took over the servicing of our home loan and I've had issues almost from the get-go. They said i had missed two payments, so i called them, then send bank records of proof. It's escalated from there. I get different stories from each person. I've had the same person on the same phone call tell me three different things. I think MY FAVORITE "Ocwen-morism" was "oh don't worry about (the multiple foreclosure letters) we send those out all the time,... Read more

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My name if M Henry , i live in a town call columbia Mo. in 1993 which was my original loan i purchase my home through my Bank and in 2002 i took a equity loan out for a small amount 3g, and was resigned to a Company call Saxon in Dallas to maintain a fix amount which was 800 everything included (escrow etc.) got my own ins. as well. I enter into a Chapter 13 in 2008 and had never broke any f my payment maybe late 3 times but not by 10days at best. Well at the end of the chapter 13 in 2013 i found out i was transferred to Ocwen and my payments... Read more

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When we asked for help Ocwen changed payments from $544.42 to $1083.08 a month. We were told to make 3 trail payments then we would know our month payment amount WRONG! Ocwen took it upon them self to approved an "in house" mod. We originally applied for HAMP after almost 2 yrs sending documents back & forth to Ocwen only a few months ago they fully explained the modification was an "in house" mod. Since the lender wasn't participating in government program all the while we understood HAMP was responsible for the mod. Each month our Ocwen rep... Read more

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if you have any problems with ocwen you have to hire an attorney that's willing to sue. they will foreclose on you and will not obey the laws. Do not attempt to deal with them on your own or you will lose your home guaranteed!!!! I have been in protective chapter 13 for 48 months I have paid every payment to ocwen and they are saying I am in default and are trying to get my bk dismissed so they can foreclose on my home. I would stand to lose 130k in equity and they want my home! sue sue sue ! if you need help in Colorado call matthew... Read more

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This company sucks!! Who regulates these people?. They're billing me for a home I don't even own. I agreed to a consent to foreclose from Deutsch bank. They sold the loan to Ocwen after the loan was satisfied Ocwen started billing me as if the loan still existed. They have screwed up my credit for the past 3 years. Where is the attorney general? I'll see you in court scumbags!! Why are all these laws in place to protect consumers when they don't work. Read more

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100% FULL

Dear Consumers My community was devastated by a deadly tornado Ocwen released 1/3 of funds and has made every excuse to keep the remaining Insurance money, these folks are criminals, they will not release The funds I have paid from my own funds over 19,000 dollars They have been faxed everything they need I have documentation Of received faxes. I have filed a complaint with the attorney general next will need An attorney Please be careful they will keep your insurance repair funds Devastated in Texas Read more

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When I attempted to pay last month's payment online through your website, I was forced to verify my email. My email has not changed in over 10 years, since before the intitation of this loan. When I attempted to complete the transaction, I received an error message including 'please try again later' This went on until I could no longer pay through the website within the grace period. I initiated a bank payment, which I am fully aware is transmitted within 24 hours, yet you did not credit it as received until the grace period expired. Read more

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