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My loan was sold to Ocwen 3 yres ago from IndyMac. I had recently dealt with the death of my mother and was having extreme financial problems. I had a current loan mod from indymac which Ocwen DID NOT honor. I have tried many time over the last few years to get a loan mod but they keep refusing my requests. I thought I caught up on my payments on 3 different occasions only to have them tell... Read more

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loan modification review and insurance claim/Baltimore md 21207/Shannon duffie/ I am still waiting for an insurance claim review and have not had one yet. I have been in for 2012-2015 In the beginning of the problem a verification of insurance were needed then they were on a different schedule from mortgage lockout. when the lockout was in I were sent a resending of sale... Read more

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I live in California and would be willing to sign up for a Class-Action lawsuit. I have had nothing but problems since Ocwen took my loan. They set you up for default. If you don't stay on top of them and your mortgage (with every fiber in your body), you will sink. This is what they want. Ocwen is not customer-friendly. They have hidden agendas and goals. They review you for Modification,... Read more

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I have been dealing with Ocwen Mortgage since Jul 2015 for issuance of check for storm damage to roof issued by USAA. They have repeatedly needed more forms i.e. (adjuster report) for repair of roof since Sep until this date 18 Nov. I was asked who the check should be payable and was informed they don't have W9 which was faxed 10 Nov. Also they are saying I have 2 contractors and now I need 2... Read more

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This company is absolutely the worst... I wouldn't do business with them if I had a choice. They instructed me: "If you call in and we are too busy they will transfer your call to India and then all they will do is tell you that they cant help you and then transfer you back to us." Are you kidding me? I was calling to inform them of new homeowner's insurance and I am on hold or transferred or... Read more

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We owed $24,000 on our house and our mortgage was sold to Ocwen. It went bad from there on. We tried signing a modification agreement with them and now somehow we owe almost $100,000. I can't get any answers. I have tried so very hard. I think I have just given up. We were so close. I can't get help. When I call and try to help from their loan counselor that's a joke. Is there a class action... Read more

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In October of 2014, OCWEN confirmed that they had offered a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and that I had accepted their offer. They indicated that no further information was required of me. Since then I have received weekly notices of delinquency and periodic notice's that the Deed In Lieu was still being processed. I never received a notice that a foreclosure was proceeding. I have been waiting... Read more

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My original lender was Lend America then GMAC, now Ocwen has stepped in with transfer papers robo-signed in another state. The actual loan was a predatory loan, none of the original documents were signed by the lender and a statement denying credit was sent because of no credit score. This is a MERS acct that will be voided because the note and the mortgage were split and I don't see how a... Read more

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my payment has doubled .I have went through 3 loan mods got the loan, made 3 payments at lower rate and the it goes back up to $1000.when I call them and tell them I have a loan mod they say its with a different company. I refile for loan mod again,its approved and the whole process starts all over again. I am tired of going through this. The last time they were supposed to send the loan mod to... Read more

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Ocwen has ruined my credit with the fraudulent lies against me forced me to get modification stating I was not paying my mortgage on time I hate this company what happened to the government helping you Add comment

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