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I were a homeowner who had a resending of sale order on my home. I were having a time with the exiting and returning to my home. I were the owner titled to the home. Shannon Duffie 6737 Ransome Drive Baltimore, Maryland 21207. 677-218-9034 217-88-0837 I did not wish to sell my home. I were in the waiting to the restoral program to be sent to Owens insurance. I were... Read more

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I was forced to sign a waiver for a loan modification, I waived all my rights and I want to start a class action lawsuit against Ocwen. Anyone care to join me? Anyone know of a class action lawsuit attorney in the state of Indiana, Please let me know, my email is Inquiries only. I shouldn't have to waive my rights, it's like Ocwen putting a gun to my head saying,... Read more

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I have been dealing with Ocwen for over 5 years now and they have given me the run around the whole time. I have tried to get a modification several times and they ask for documents and then somehow lose them and I have to start all over again. I don't know how it is legal for them to conduct business in this manner. Now I am told that my property has been foreclosed on and I have 10 days to... Read more

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Owen holds mortgage in estate of my late husband In sept 2015 I found out they didn't pay 2014 school tax in amount of 3,500.00 I get a bill in 2015 sept from town saying I owe 9022.46. I call Owen and they say we only pay two of your taxes not three. I go to town hall and pay with a discover check 9022.46. Two weeks later Owen pays school tax in amount of 9022.46 to town tax dept. now they... Read more

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I have been lied to and bullied by these people for the last three years causing me thousands of dollars tacked on to my loan! They do not follow through with communication causing payment delays in thier favor. They need to be shut down!!! Read more

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I am having the same problems with them. They have my money and will not give it to me. They say that they are holding the money to insure the repairs are being done to the home, but they are making it impossible. They want me and my contractor to complete 15 forms. My contractor has never heard of this and is very skeptical that he would ever get his money. I told Ocwen that I will just pay him... Read more

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I've had nothing but problems with OCWEN. They are the worst at customer service. They ROB you They are RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL. They CAN"T hire as their customer reps., ENGLISH SPEAKING AMERICANS Not to mention the fact that.. If you are late on your payment, they report you to the Credit Bureau They threaten you with letters, stating that they are going to take your home, I called OCWEN,... Read more

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I Applied online for a modification. I Received an email confirmation of my application. I did not hear from them. I called and they said well it takes a while. Then two months went by. I called again and They claimed they did not receive my application or the numerous copies of my financial statements. I sent them a copy of the email confirmation they had sent to me. They said again that... Read more

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Today 2 September 2015, I asked Ocwen Loan Servicing to please send me a copy of my mortgage loan document, Deed of Trust, and Promissory note. This was the third time I have made this request, been unsuccessful as of yet. The rep. said they would mail 91 pages as per my request on 5 September, we'll see! I believe there are many violations of the law to be found in these documents and that I... Read more

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These people are crazy they have lied and harassed me for 2 years over nothing I'm tired of it a I refuse to be bullied any more something has to be done about this its so stressful it should be illegal its wrong Read more

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