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I am very disappointed with the way my request for a payoff statement was handled. I contacted Ocwen two weeks before my scheduled closing date with my request. Two weeks later, on a Monday, I called to follow up since I had not seen or heard anything. The representative I spoke with said that there was a computer glich and my request was never processed. They would request again but it would take 24-48 hours. I let them know my closing was... Read more

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In the past 2 weeks, I have spoken to at least 16 customer reps/Relationship Managers, regarding a repayment plan. We declined a "Shared Appreciation Modification Plan" from Ocwen which offered $15 less than what we currently pay now. Declining this offer, and to keep our primary home going to foreclosure we have to pay 4 months worth of payment, I requested a repayment plan and they told me that they couldn't enter the plan in the... Read more

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  • Sep 20
  • #922336

The very worst place of business I have ever been involved with !! I have tried to get results on my house loan but I get screwed very time . They should NOT BE IN TRUSTED WITH PEOPLES MONEY NOT EVER !!

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 19
  • #921856

Indy mac one west bank transfered loan to ocwen. They all are big frauds. We have MERS they cannot prove they own it legally. We have an attorney on this fraud. They add fees all the time will not take my payment and try to scare with forclosure and the do not own property. The are fraud.

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No customer service. No help during an incredibily difficult time in our lives. We lost 3 family members in 3 years. Both of my grandparents (the homeowners) and my uncle (their son). My mother is the last living child. She lost her parents and her brother and if that wasnt enough, her job as well. We tried to find options to take over the loan but never had any follow through on ocwens part. Had scheduled appointments with the relationship... Read more

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I set automatic payments for a set amount every month. Despite doing so, the payments that were withdrawn were different every month. Some months, they were two dollars short so my payments were put in suspense. Despite months of trying to get an answer, I gave up. I set up the payments to add extra principal. After I paid off the HELOC, I had to write to request a release of lien and to have my address changed. The "customer service agent"... Read more

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Paid off my loan a year and a half ago and Ocwen refuses to release the lien because they cannot find someone to sign off from my original mortgage company prior to ocwen buying my loan. That original mortgage company no longer exists and is no longer in business. Keep getting the run around from Ocwen. Ocwen said they have assigned my case to their legal counsel and i gave yet to receive the release lien document. They rip off customers! I... Read more

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Used payments while in bankruptcy to cure arrears/interest that was not allowed under the bankruptcy order. Added the amount back on at end of bankruptcy while still charging interest and bogus fees. Ocwen is trying to make it so that this loan could never be paid off. If payments had been applied correctly they would owe us money back. They know it is hard to come up with thousands of dollars to fight them when you are bankrupt. They also know... Read more

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yes, I actually completely paid off one mortgage loan because of the high interest.They were awful to me when I opted for bankruptcy, I had huge medical bills, couldn't work. I I even wrote our attorney general and was part of law suit, also.My lawyer could never get them to respond back regarding second mortgage so we waited- 6 months later they threaten foreclosure and no one knows a thing about all the problems they created.I am in shock- my... Read more

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I had a HELOC (home equity line of credit) back in 2006 with IndyMac to redo my kitchen and bathrooms. Well, IndyMac with other scammer banks went under in 2008. In comes OCWEN, an absolutely HORRID company. Beware folks, they outsource ALL their calls to India! I didn't have a problem, until I had a problem. In 2013 I was injured on the job and forced into early retirement. I was late a few days only on my payment. They started calling,... Read more

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