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I had a HELOC (home equity line of credit) back in 2006 with IndyMac to redo my kitchen and bathrooms. Well, IndyMac with other scammer banks went under in 2008. In comes OCWEN, an absolutely HORRID company. Beware folks, they outsource ALL their calls to India! I didn't have a problem, until I had a problem. In 2013 I was injured on the job and forced into early retirement. I was late a few days only on my payment. They started calling,... Read more

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Ocwen had been my worst nightmare for over a year!!!! Incompetent and one mistake after another! The only way they listened to me and corrected the problems was when I contacted the Consumer financial protection bureau. My lawyer said Ocwen seems to be afraid of them and he was right! Their url is ( a free service) don't give up hope until you've tried them! I found Ocwen so incompetent that I wonder how they are... Read more

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I'm having a problem with them now. I had a balloon disclosure contract with them. I was told we had to make my payments on time for 3 years and the large $65,000. amount would fall off the 3rd year. We had auto withdrawals from our bank to make sure payments were never late. Now they tell us we were late 3 TIMES. No way my payments were late because we knew what the outcome would be. I we will need to hire an atty. My balance on my house has... Read more

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I did not have my contract with them. It was sold to them by another mortgage company that went bankrupt. I never had any problems with the original company --- not one. But things changed once OCWEN took over. They did not respond to my emails or phone calls, and refused to refi my contract. Then they came up with fictitious charges and finally they increased the monthly payments although the interest rates stayed the same nationwide. The... Read more

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Not only was a denied a Loan Modification, I had filed a Claim against Ocwen Loan Servicing back in December 2015. This Claim was sent Certified Mail and a Signed Receipt Requested on December 3, 2015! I did receive a signed receipt however, no response at all! No email, no regular mail, and no phone call was made to me re: the legal documents sent about their Fraudulent Mortgage that they are servicing/collecting from me! Isn't there a legal... Read more

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Fell behind on payment of mortgage and was finally able to pay on the last day of the month and couldn't not make a payment on the phone system because it said I had to pay this and next month which I could not do tried and called 800 number to talk to someone and was on hold for 65 minutes unfortunately I could not hold any longer tried again on Saturday same thing tried Sunday late in the day and was finally able to make a payment but guess... Read more

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Have you filed a complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)? You can go online and file a complaint at Have all your information ready ( statements, documents received about loan mod, make sure you do not send social security or account numbers just your complaint, dates, times and people you talk to.) You used to receive a response in about 5-10 days but I guess this agency is utilized more now so the last... Read more

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I am currently applying for a modification loan and I have been in process for approximately 90 days trying to obtain resolution on a situation where I can not seem to get consistent status, there is a lack of communication between the employees at Ocwen Mortgage and the fact that the Relationship Managers are located in India are no help to the fact that the homeowner is located in the United States to understand the situation of each... Read more

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This is in regards to Ocwen loans Mutual client Joyce Burroughs third party Shawn Whitlock 3rd party Proprocessing continuance past pissed view .ls It possible to just don't care. Seems Working senior fixed income withNo possible date of payoff with ,39yrs vested 318k of repayment I hold position of ethic.Homeowner Joyce Burroughs is it reasonable for senior fixed income and only income.Is it ok for this homeowner to be willing to... Read more

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We lost our home of 40 years to Ocwen. Read more

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