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  • Mar 30
  • #820297

Same thing happened with my parents 2 days ago. A strange occurance. Guy calls us claiming to be from Ocwen. Said he could help with some kind of extensions. Has us Western Union $800 to some Eric Louis in Scranton, PA but never sends verification or packet we are supposed to get. The lawyer calls today asking where the payment is. In total shock.

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It's been a year since my loan with OCWEN has been paid off and I have yet to receive the lien release document to my home. Nothing has been sent to the recorders office in the county where I reside. Not sure where to go from here. I am sure I will need a lawyer for this. I get international people that speak very bad English and I have a very difficult time understanding what they say. Being told they are working with the lien department or... Read more

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I hate how this company is run, all of the representatives have a stick up their a**. I do not want to give my last four digits of my Social and to top it off HOW MANY STATEMENTS am I gonna get I know I have to Pay the mortgage turn the PAPER off send me a email. No one wants PAPER STATEMENTS any more.. It has too much information on it OCWEN Drop it let it go and get with 2016 send me a email. This company blows get with the times... Read more

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I have been working with OCWEN since the end of 2015 on a Loan Modification. First they denied it and told me how to Appeal it. I did and it was then sent to an Escalation Department. All the while I am communicating with ***'s in a Relationship Management Team. All they do is tell me the same thing that I receive in writing, in the mail, 2 or 3 times (same stuff). They run you in circles, *** you around, and hope you miss payments so they... Read more

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I have a friend that has an account with this company and she is totally fed up with them.She said that they are very rude and non professional.She has tried on several occasions to do a modification on her account and they continue to turn her down.It's a shame that companies like this are still in business. I have been reading alot of the reviews and everyone fills the same.How do they stay in business with all the negative response from... Read more

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It is raining foreclosures in Ocwen !!!!! Watch out homeowners because they are coming to take your home. If you got sold to them by Bank of America or any other lender in middle of Modification, the chances are the will not honor it, so many homes are foreclosed this way because the homeowners are blindsided with really no warning at all. Ocwen gives no warning especially in Texas. You get a notice 21 days before sale. I know how they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 11
  • #807369

Refuse to except partial past due amount and will apply all else to principal.

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We came out of bankruptcy the first three payments we paid were never credited to our account and then all of a sudden it was turned over to a collection agency because what they did was probably illegal. Then when you call you don't get no answers, it was a home equity loan that was sold to them. I paid for years and the balance never went down now I'm paying monthly payments to a collection agency I'm ready to quit paying they can take me to... Read more

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I got a modification from ocwen fine and danny then all *** broke lose this company one hand don't no what the other is doing I purchase insurance on my house I paid my insurance and the ocwen took it upon them self to pay my insurance and raise my rent stating they putting it to the escrow I am so fed up with them . I wish I could sell my mortgage to some one else   they are  the  worst worst worst Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 10
  • #806833

I borrowed 34,000 dollars 11 years ago and figure i paid back 43,000 in 11 years and my records show i still owe 24,000 dollars I'm ready to go to court and get some answers

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