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They have had my husband and my ss numbers transposed ever since they bought loan from GMAC. I have sent in w9s and called repeatedly for correction. Idiots answer the phones and put me on hold until after an hour I have to hang up. My balance on my home has been at 65.000 for the past 4 years. Something is terribly WRONG! What is a person supposed to do when there mortgage company is across the country and phone calls are futile? They need... Read more

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Basically the bank is having people come by lying and seemingly threatening to kick us out, after lying to us about helping and denying payment even. My house is being foreclosed on and has been sold, after payment was denied (in the billable amount) long before any judgment was filed or before defaulting. Now since the house has been sold, I've had one elderly gentleman come out before 8am knocking on my door and lying to me. I know he's from... Read more

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This is by far the worst mortgage company that I have ever worked with. I never understand them when I call. They never send my mortgage statements despite my constant calling to remind them. I don't receive a paper copy or the electronic statement via email. For the last four years they send me a letter telling me I need to make an extra payment to cover extra for my escrow acct. I ALWAYS make the payment to keep my payment from going up but,... Read more

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I am in insurance agent. I deal with mortgage companies every day. I have NEVER, in 29 years in the business, EVER dealt with a more unresponsive, incompetent outfit. I have repeatedly called them to pay an insurance premium from escrow, where the home owner has authorized this payment (standard operating procedure) and they have failed to send the check, this after repeatedly telling me it would be sent. They are a joke, and borderline... Read more

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I'm force to sale my house because I do not want to loosed. I was not inform when Indy Mac sold my loan to Ocwen, and call so many times to ask about why if I pay more money per month and the principal go down the interest is not going down in the last 6 years I pay the same amount per month as when we got the loan? The answer "is you have the loan to pay interest first for the 10 years and then you pay the interest and the rest of the... Read more

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Saxon mortgage sold them my mortgage and they are horrible! You can't speak to a customer rep, you have to make an appointment for your assigned counselor to call and then they don't call!!! Very aggravating!! They have take. d on over $1200 of "late charges" when I'm not late at all and they report me every month to all the credit bureaus as 90 or more days late.. They have ruined my credit and have made me not be able to sleep at night... Read more

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I pay on time every month, so I had no need to contact Ocwen for the past 3 years. It was a fluke that I happened on this. When I received my 2015 tax form, I called to ask how much money went to principal. The automatic teller told me my next payment would be 700.00 more than what my payment is. I called and their rep told me it was late charges. I asked if they could prove I was late, did they keep the envelopes to show the date it was... Read more

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Have been jumping through hoops for months. There's always another piece of paperwork I need in order to receive the cash for keys that was promised in the beginning I have submitted and resubmitted the same pieces of paper over and over again I have written down dates agent ID numbers everything that I may need for a lawsuit and I think that's the only thing that I can do at this point does anybody know and attorney who has already been... Read more

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I have never been late or missed a payment of any kind and have a excellent credit score. I have finally snapped. Ocwen decided to tack on, after ten years of them being my mortgage company, a second insurance policy for my condo. It is not needed, it is unnecessary, and it comes at a cost of close to a $1000.00 a year. After being on the phone with the third world for hours and hours, they finally told me that "This is a new thing that has been... Read more

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I too filed for a modification in 2012. I was givin the run around . I faxed every document they asked for even when it was nuts! Then they would say my case was closed and they needed everything again. Then same thing has gone on for years they do not return calls

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