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Any one who has dealings with OCWEN please contact me ASAP. I have information you need to know...

my email is cgadd6@verizon.net and my cell is 724-557-6267 but please call between 9 and 10 pm because Im at my limit for now.

Just to let everyone know they have now taken me for another $7764.00/ I have so so much more to tell including the phone number for the VP of OCWEN. Im hoping to reach out to all of you and give you any information I have and maybe we all can work together to bring these monsters down!!!

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PLEASE ALL THAT HAVE BEEN OR ARE BEING SCREWED BY OCWEN LOAN SERVICING Pleasecontact me at suadamasil@gmail.comI current have a law suit against them and need more people to succeedThey are criminals and are backed by BIGGER CRIMINALS !!!

to Soley #1484410

Thank you and you phone # or email? Please.


Please know Ocwen is a criminal company funded by HSBC a Chinese Bank

to Soley #1480219

I. think.

its. in Deutesch bank in London, can they. even.

operate in. Michigan


Does anyone keep getting correspondence from ocwen with dand dates 10 then letters in one my mortgage is due this month .this crazy

to Hope #1473339

I’m not sure if this is from this year but looking for lawsuits against Ocwen or good we don’t get paid until you win lawyers!

to Tawna #1478621

Yes we tried but someone got paid off and was denied. We need to take these monsters down


Let me know Kimweems1@gmail.comThanks. I'd love to hear from you


lets. do it


james is name my email is james_pla@yahoo.com please email me any information you can to help me and my wife we are from Bethlehem pa you have my email addressthank you for your time looking to hear from you soon on this matter Type your message here


Agree. Monster stole my house

to Lucia Starr09 #1478623

send us you email so we can speak

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1299398

Anyone know of any class actions lawsuits against Ocwen in 2017

to Marilyn #1307018

Would like to know too. I'm at my end with them.

Tired if their evil practices. Please let me know.

to Marilyn #1456127

Hi Marilyn! I am also in Pennsylvania and struggling to locate any contact information to join the class action lawsuit (started in 2017) for Pennsylvania.

I can locate several articles for almost every other state involved in the lawsuit.

Were you able to find anything specific to PA or if there is a general firm handling wide litigations? ANY info you can provide would be very much appreciated!!-- organizedchaos0023@gmail.com

to Marilyn #1478625

Yes I filed In PA federal court for Ocwen with BOGUS Balloon payments but was shot down by judge probably paid off Please contact me ASAP with your email Trying to find another attorney that will not take a bribe

to charly09 #1480228

what is your. email

to Marilyn #1480225

I. have.

dealt. with them. 12 years of *** Governments. won't.

help. and now there is. a regulationthat. these.

companies. can. deny. class actions.

and deal with. individual owners. Well. that.

isconvenient. because most. of the people hurt by. Ocwen (new company.

backward). havealready left. their. homes in despair.

Many. elderly. have lost. everything, Ocwen won't.

returntheir. escrow. fees (which. they have.

clearly. demonstrated. year. after.

year that. they should not handleany escrow. accounts)!! Class.

actions. the only one. who. makes.

any money is. the. lawyersThey. get.

millions. you. still have. to leave your home.

and. get maybe. 1K??? governments.

won't. doanything because. they think. they.

there will. be. somekind. of.

housing. crisis. Oh. Really!!

WellPres. Trump. has. defied.

everyone. and. every. media.

every one. telling him "he. shouldn't". SoI.

think the best. thing. is. to develop.

a. video tape or. u tube. with multiple.

people. like. yourselfthat. are.

willing. to. be. taped and.

then. we. will. sell.

this. tape. across. the.

nation. We. will pay ourselves. back.

for. the. problems. we have.

faced. and maybe. start our. own loan servicing.

andall. employees. will. be.

former people. who. were. SCREWED.

by Owen. You. can. email mewith your opinion or.

help. or. send. me.

your u tube. or. video. that.

you. make. or. your.

writtentestimony. Governments. also. won't.

help because. Ocwen can pay them. hundreds. of millions.

infines. and it. keeps. them afloat.

do you know that. most of the board. members. and.

exectutiveson. Ocwen. were. former.

Government. employees!!!!! Lawyers. and.

Governments. are notgoing. to help. WE.

need. someone. like. Hannity, or.

one. of. the media. to.

start. looking. at thisand. investigate.

Maybe. the executives. from. American Greed.

would. take it on???? email. meas.

soon as possible. this is may. 13. 2018.

cbraunmd@gmail.com. I will give. you instructionsfrom there. Former owners, current.

owners in distress and. anyone. else. who wants.

to join.

thefight. Thank you

to Pissed in Michigan #1494153


to JUSTICE #1494156

CONTACT ME AS WELLreed.debra@att.net

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