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Any one who has dealings with OCWEN please contact me ASAP.I have information you need to know...

my email is cgadd6@verizon.net and my cell is 724-557-6267 but please call between 9 and 10 pm because Im at my limit for now.

Just to let everyone know they have now taken me for another $7764.00/ I have so so much more to tell including the phone number for the VP of OCWEN.Im hoping to reach out to all of you and give you any information I have and maybe we all can work together to bring these monsters down!!!

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1299398

Anyone know of any class actions lawsuits against Ocwen in 2017

to Marilyn #1307018

Would like to know too.I'm at my end with them.

Tired if their evil practices.Please let me know.


I am not sure if you are aware that there is a lawsuit against Ocwen right now.I have a package to submit and mail back.

It is www.LeeSettlementInfo.com . You can also call 877-294-6778 for more information. If any of you have had an LPI between 2008 and 2015 you may be eligible for a credit or cash refund from Ocwen in this lawsuit against them. I have a 30 year fixed rate but Ocwen raises my mortgage every 6 months with fees that I no nothing about as well as forced insurance and taxes that do not equal the amount they are taking out.

I know that NC residents are not required to pay over a certain amount per year for homeowners insurance and must sign an affidavit to allow any insurance company to charge you more than NC State regulates. Yet Ocwen charges way more than any insurance I have ever heard of and did not ask or request an affidavit.

They want to threaten me because I refuse to continue to pay some bogus fees and insurance hikes.We can complain to the NC Regulators, NC Bank of Commerce and I believe the Insurance Commissioner of NC or the State that you reside.

to Dee #1007051

Is this lawsuit still active? I need help they trying to take my home.

to Anonymous Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1308315

I have been fighting with them since October 2016, need assistance, they are trying to take our home as well

Citrus Heights, California, United States #854987

There were NO options available when I lost my home of 12 years back in 2008. Just trauma and forcing yourself to move forward.


If Ocwen is trying to take your home, immediately file for a Mortgage Assistance Program.They can't legally foreclose if you are in the process of enrolling in an MHA.

Then get a foreclosure lawyer, I payed $1000 for one to push the paperwork through Ocwen because they were ignoring the fact I had filed for assistance. Thank god I had the lawyer during the filing process because Ocwen foreclosed. Lawyers said not to leave the house and that we would go to court if they didn't rescind the illegal foreclosure. Within a month the lawyers helped me get my house back and a mortgage I could afford!

Please take my advice!!!!MHA and a lawyer!!!!

to Shanna #1007041

Who was your lawyer? Mortgage assistance through OCWEN correct?

to Anonymous Katy, Texas, United States #1007349

Yes mortgage assistance through Ocwen.Please look into a lawyer to help you process this (and to ensure CYA).

I filed myself (no lawyer) and Ocwen drug their feet processing paperwork. It was horrible to get in touch with Customer service too. They illegally filed bankruptcy after paperwork filed. I got a lawyer then to help me rescend the illegal foreclosure.

They took care of it within a week.

I believe it's bc of the lawyer.Having a lawyer by your side early will make sure things move smoothly especially if time is against you (as it was in my case).

to Anonymous Redondo Beach, California, United States #1313465

Who was your lawyer? They actually DID succeed in taking my home from me.


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