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When I lost my job, I turn to Ocwen for assistance with my mortgage payments. I was told that the President/Government gave the Ocwen Mtg. Co. about $3000,000,000 to help mortgagees that are back in there payments due to lost of imcome.

I called Ocwen, told them of my situation and at first they seem to be very helpfull, they said that they would send me a packet with information/forms to complete and return to them. When they receive the packet, they would review it and most likely I would qualify for the reduction in interest rate (my rate is now 9.75%) and also a reduction in payment (my payment is now $670.00)due to the information that I told them.

I submitted information to Ocwen on three (3) different ocasions, and after so many, many, many, calls talking to soooooo many representitives, and months of frustration, they said that I didn't qualify. I had to file bankrupsy because my payments got further behind due to them telling me that I didn't have to make payments while my information was being looked over.

I truely dis-like this company, because I just know that they could have help me when I needed it.

Review about: Ocwen Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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