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Below are the names and email addresses of Ocwen's Executive Staff. For every Ocwen consumer that has been treated unjustly and cannot get justice, flood these people's email account. That way they cannot say they "did not know" what was going on:

William Erby, CEO -; David HO, Consumer Services Director -; Ronald Faris, Commercial Services Director, -'; Board of Directors: Barry Wish - - William Lacy -; Ronald Korn -; Robert Salcetti -

Below is a copy of my complaint:

Unfortunately, the timeframe allowed for pleasantries has past passed and my patience with you "business" (and I use that term loosely) significantly overextended. The fact you rejected one (1) of two (2) payments for the total loan amount made electronically on the exact same day (April 15, 2012), is only the "tip of the iceberg". Ocwen Loan Servicing has communicated/provided and documented conflicting and false information, oral and written, numerous times throughout the past week. Not only is this conduct unscrupulous, unethical, and illegal, such actions have been the direct cause of an increased level of stress, anxiety, and frustration, during an already challenging time involving my efforts to bring my account current and stop all foreclosure proceedings on my home. This following is brief synopsis of the events illustrating the aforementioned claims, in addition, the attached documentation verifies and authenticates these claims:

05/07/2012, 5:45 PM CST – 9:00 PM CST - Telephone

"¢ I received a check in the mail of $794.00, returning a portion of the $994.00 mortgage payment sent electronically on April 15, 2012, despite the full mortgage payment being made by April 15, 2010, received and processed my you April 18, 2012, the largest of the two was returned. No terms stated within my contract stipulate my total payment must be submitted via one check, transaction, etc.

"¢ The date on the letter indicate it's being sent on May 1, 2012, I did not receive the letter until May 7, 2012, thereby making my account go past the 80-day timeframe for the acceptance of single mortgage payments. The timeframe between my payment being sent/received by Ocwen and Ocwen notifying/returning, along with my receipt of the partial rejected amount of $794.00, was over 20 days. With the numerous methods of instantaneous electronic communication methods and utilized by Ocwen, in addition, to the importance of this information to the me, the homeowner (i.e., home foreclosure), it is clear the delay in communication of this issue was deliberate and malicious. Ocwen has my email address and telephone number. Furthermore, they have used both to contact me. Therefore, it is clear Ocwen intentionally delayed communication of this information to ensure the 80-day was far out of reach for me to potentially resolve this matter without my loan reaching foreclosure status.

"¢ I spoke with several different Agents on May 7, 2012 in an attempt to resolve this matter, providing proof of when payment was sent electronically by my bank and subsequently received by Ocwen prior to the aforementioned 80-day initiation of foreclosure timeframe; most significant being Roshini Naronha, Ocwen Customer Service Supervisor. In our recorded telephone call, she requested I fax the documents verifying Ocwen's receipt of electronic payment prior to the aforementioned timeframe. She assured me several times would review the information and contact me via telephone within 24 hours to discuss this issue. Within 20 minutes of the conclusion of this telephone conversation, the documents in question were faxed and successfully received by Ocwen (refer to attachment May 7, 2012-Fax verification of Ocwen payment – R. Naronha). Despite my immediate fulfillment of Ocwen's request for via Roshini Naronha, this Ocwen Representative has yet to contact me as promised. However, and even more disturbing, during my May 12, 2012, 8:11 AM CST, follow-up telephone conversation, Naresh, Ocwen Customer Service Supervisor, I learned of the written statement in my account records, entered by Ms. Naronha, alleging an unsuccessful attempt to contact me via telephone May 8, 2012, at approximately 6:15 PM CST, only reaching my voicemail and leaving no message. Attached is a copy of my telephone records for May 8, 2012 (refer to attachment May 8, 2012-AT&T Telephone Records). You will note my telephone service provider maintains a record of all incoming (missed or answered) and outgoing communications. I received no incoming telephone calls on the date or during the time Ms. Naronha alleges to have contacted me. Therefore, Ms. Naronha, Ocwen Customer Service Supervisor (someone in a leadership role and responsible for her own and monitoring the professional ethical behavior of others) knowingly and deliberately entered false information in my records, which is illegal. Furthermore, if she reached my voicemail, due to the important nature of this situation, her actions, at best, show her ineptitude as a supervisor and complete lack of respect for her responsibility to the consumer. Therefore, this communication serves as written notice of my awareness of such actions by an Ocwen Representative, in addition to Ocwen's responsibility to protect consumers against the deliberate and malicious entry of false information by its employees, via its internal investigation process, along with any potential legal sanctions resulting from such employee conduct.

"¢ During this telephone converation, Ms. Narohna, stated, if paid by May 31, 2012, the reinstatement quote of $3, 918.65.

May 8, 2012, 8:02 AM CST- 9:32 AM CST – Telephone

"¢ I spoke with two representatives on May 8, 2012, attempting to resolve this matter without having to pay the reinstatement quote within 20 days; the most significant being Shareen, Customer Service Supervisor. Shareen confirmed the aforementioned reinstatement quote indicated by Ms. Narohna on May 7, 2012. Shareen stated/confirmed repeatedly throughout our recorded telephone conversation, if paid by May 31, 2012, the reinstatement quote of $3, 918.65. In addition, I instructed Shareen to send written proof of this reinstatement quote via email to ensure I had written confirmation of Ocwen's acceptance of the aforementioned reinstatement amount, which solidifies Ocwen's legal accountability and responsibility to cease any/all foreclosure proceedings for the aforementioned amount if submitted by the aforementioned date.

May 12, 2012, 8:11 AM CST- 9:00 AM CST – Telephone

"¢ To ensure my records accurately reflected the reinstatement quote sent via email on May 8, 2012, I, again contacted Ocwen Customer Service. I spoke with two representatives on May 12, 2012, the most significant being Naresh, Customer Service Supervisor. However, I was distressed when he contradicted the reinstatement quote communicated/confirmed repeatedly, oral and written, on several different days through the Week of May 6, 2012. Naresh quoted the reinstatement amount of $4,670.10 was necessary by May 31, 2012 to cease foreclosure proceedings. I informed him of my receipt of written confirmation on May 8, 2012 via email, of the reinstatement quote of $3, 918.65. Furthermore, I told him the amount he as quoted included "Other Fees" and the following statement regarding these supposed fees:

Please make note of the other amounts due on your loan. Repayment of these amounts is not necessary to reinstate your loan at this time; however, it is required to fulfill your debt obligation under the note and the mortgage. We strongly encourage you to contact us to make payment arrangements to repay the Other Amounts Outstanding and Due by calling (800) 746 2936.

Nareesh then stated the reinstatement quote emailed by Ocwen on May 8, 2012, was "rejected by the owner of the loan". Therefore, the amount of $4,670.10 was necessary by May 31, 2012 to cease foreclosure proceedings. I then asked him who was the owner of my loan because I had no idea as to whom or what entity he was referring, as Ocwen is the only entity I have communicated with and/or submitted payments to since its acquisition of my loan was forced upon me in 2010. Naresh first stated he could not give me that information because it was "confidential", then he stated I had to request this information in writing. Therefore, this is written notice of my request for Ocwen to release identity of the true owner/holder of my loan.

"¢ Nareesh confirmed my records indicated I was told by several different Ocwen Representatives and via email, if paid by May 31, 2012, the reinstatement quote of $3, 918.65. However, his records now indicated $4,670.10 was necessary by May 31, 2012 and that he had to submit a complaint request and allow 5-7 business days.

May 14,- 15 2012 – Telephone

I spoke with two Freddie Mac Representatives, Joyce (May 14, 2012, 4:45 PM CST) and Ricardo (May 15, 2912, 12:00 PM CST). Both state if Ocwen continues to refuse to fulfill the terms of the letter they sent, I should file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a subsidiary of the Federal Trade Commission. After speaking with Ocwen Ombudsmen, Raj, before and after my conversation with Freddie Mac, in addition to their continued refusal to adhere to the terms set forth in the May 8, 2012, Reinstatement Quote, I filed my complaint with the on May 15, 2012, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (#120515-00518).

May 16 2012 6:00 PM CST– Telephone

I spoke with Ashul, Relationship Manager, with Ocwen. He again, quoted the reinstatement amount of $4,670.10 was necessary by May 31, 2012 to cease foreclosure proceedings. Furthermore, he stated the reinstatement quote I received on May 8, 2012 was "outdated" and stated he would send me a new reinstatement quote, which specified the "Other Fees" totaling approximately $752.00 was necessary to reinstate my loan. Attached is the reinstatement quote dated, May 16, 2012, from Ashul. It says exactly the same thing as what is stated in the May 8, 2012, reinstatement quote. This proves, yet again, Ocwen's illegal practices, and continued unwillingness to fulfill its legal obligation to the written reinstatement quote for my loan of $3, 918.65, if paid by May 31, 2012, I will not keep my money and use those funds to pay my attorney to pursue this matter legally.

How dare Ocwen ask anyone to be patient when Ocwen is not patient with them Furthermore, because of Ocwen's complete lack of transparency; its supervisory employee's entry of false information into consumer records; inconsistency and inaccuracy of information communicated to the consumer by its representative; in addition to Ocwen's unwillingness to fulfill its obligations and agreements, even if the consumer has fulfilled what Ocwen has required of him or her, I am unwilling to wait 5 – 7 days. I deserve an immediate satisfactory resolution to this matter.

If Ocwen is unwilling to fulfill its legal obligation to the written reinstatement quote for my loan of $3, 918.65, if paid by May 31, 2012, I will not keep my money and use those funds to pay my attorney to pursue this matter legally. Due to the severity of this matter, I will allow no more than 24 hours, Sunday, May 17, 2012, for Ocwen to respond.

Review about: Ocwen Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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sorry I did not mean to hit BS - by I had the same problem with the same rep !


My loan was recently sold to Ocwen by Morgan Stanley and I'm quickly experiencing the same issues. Any response from them? I'm scared as ***!

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