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So are house is with Ocwen they have us in a foreclosure are sell date is Aug 19 2010 My husband called to see what we do with are keys and they told him that we are not in foreclosure and she said we were only 4 mo behind and there is no way that the house would be in foreclosure we told them we have the paperwork from the courts and all they would say is we are not in foreclosure they sent us a loan modification we are going to fill it out but I don't know if we should move like we had planed or stay and see what happens and the crazy thing is when they started all of this we were only 2 mo behind please help we don't know what to do

Thank you

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I am in the same situation with Ocwen.Saxon sold the mortgage to Ocwen and I have had problems every since.

A few months back they were going to foreclose because I owed 1500.00, but they sent me a 1500.00 check that I had to send back to them. Their invoices never make sense. They will send me invoices that are dated one day apart with total different figures.

Then when I call, they give me yet another figure.Now they have sent me a preliminary foreclosure notice because I am two months behind due to unemployment


Please read all of these posts.Ocwen is doing the same thing to us.

We've read posts about them coming and changing the locks on your home then selling off all of your belongings. This place is a scam big time.

If I were you, I'd plan on getting the *** out of that house before your foreclosure date.We've given up dealing with them and are looking for somewhere else to live.

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