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Thousands of complaints online about Ocwen Loan Servicing out right stealing hard working Americans money.

Here's a racket for you.

Buy a customer's loan. Tell the customer that the first payment is due on the first of the month. Give the customer an account number. When the customer sends you the first payment, cash the payment and say you didn't receive it. Your excuse: the account wasn't set up. Even after you actually do set up the account, do not credit the initial payment -- just keep it for yourself.

That's my experience with Ocwen so far since they "serviced" my loan on November 1. That's right the $2,000 I sent them for the first payment cleared my bank and did not get credited by Ocwen (even though the electronic funds transfer shows they cashed it). 45 days later and it is still not credited.

Imagine the millions you could "earn" with this racket.

I am absolutely furious with Ocwen. Aside from them stealing my money, their customer support is a joke. When you ask to speak to a supervisor, you wait 10 minutes on the phone. Then you get a voicemail. The voicemail says the manager will call you back in 4 hours. I've left two voicemails with my number and no callback. Of course, that's what Ocwen has to do when it is in the business of stealing people's money.

My advice: if your loan gets "serviced" by Ocwen, refinance with a reputable company immediately. Also, call and complain to the loan company that sold your loan to Ocwen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Loan.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Auburndale, Florida, United States #1187428

Also call your local prosecutor because it's fraud.


Ocwen is in business with all the legal people, complaining is worthless.


You all notice how this concerned government responses to complaints ?

Makes ya wonder who actually post these ?

Could it be Ocwen it self ? Trying to bust its employees ?

Englewood, Colorado, United States #743011

OCWEN sucks !! My mortgage company sold servicing to them, and right off the bat, my first payment to them has been "lost" I sent it to the address provided, in the envelope provided, but somehow, it's not been recieved.'Must be the postal service", I'm told.

In the meantime, they've added a $138.69 late fee to a payment that WASN'T late. By law, they can't charge more than 10% in late fees, and this computes to around 30% !!

Who ARE these people, and how do they sleep at night ?

to Lindy Atlanta, Georgia, United States #900038

Call your local FBI Branch an report them we Gota stop them this is da only wat

to Lindy Atlanta, Georgia, United States #900042

Report them to your local FBI branch

to Lindy East Orange, New Jersey, United States #1000869

Ocwen owns the USA they are the Federal Reserve and Data monitors.

to Lindy #1237273

OCWEN is nothing but a piece of ***. We bought our house in 2006 at the time we didn't have great credit but my husband was making over 6 figures a yr but that doesn't help just those 3 number on your credit.

So a Friend of mine recommend a credit agent to us and in 3 days we qualified for 250 thousand dollars and this is the first and only house we have ever bought so we were house and bank ***. OUR house has went through 3 selling by banks our payment was increased each time and we never knew who had our loan until we got foreclosed on in July 2016. NOW HSBC has it but all our payments went to OCWEn. Now they are wanting 40 thousand dollars upfront to keep our house but it is listed as a sheriff sale to the public with highest bidder.

I will never buy a house again if I don't have the cash cause uou can't trust anyone. Now we are homeless my husband hasn't worked for a while he's in the oilfield and all the things they say about keeping you I uour house all the help they say is out there we sure haven't had any luck.


And also may want to check out your relestate company and agents. Our house has so many hidden problems we have not been able to get to all if them. The agent that sold us the house is my neighbor 3 houses up and she knew there was lots of problems with the house but we made the mistake of using their inspection of the house instead of doing our own BIG MISTAKE ALWAYS HAVE YOUR OWN INSPECTION DONE WITH A REPUTABLE COMPANY THAT HAS NO TIES WITH THE RELESTATE COM.

YOUR GOING THROUGH . Ok I've said enough hopes this helps some ppl in the future.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #711325

Had a funny feeling...

When we received a letter indicating that our GMAC mortgage had been sold to Ocwen we turned around and refinanced with our credit union (Ent). If your loan has been sold and you're able to refinance with a reputable credit union, DO IT NOW.

Run, don't walk. We ended up with a lower fixed rate, a lower monthly payment, a branch right down the street handling our mortgage, and no hassles with shyster banks. All I can say is: Whew!

Glad we're out from under Ocwen. MOVE YOUR MONEY.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #702852

I just received notification today that OCWEN will be my new mortgage loan servicer, and like you that payment is due at the 1st of September. After checking online to see first off, who this company was, and second, what is the overall consumer consensus by reading reviews and complaints related to OCWEN.

WOW!! I'm feeling sick to my stomach now, and totally bummed out to find out who I will be dealing with for the next however-many-years.

I plan to do what you suggest by complaining to my old mortgage servicer and ask them to reconsider selling the loan to a different company, but it likely will not have an impact on the end result. Thanks for posting your helpful comments.

Houston, Texas, United States #697313

It is now time for a federal investigation into Ocwen Loan Servicing.

to Gumbox Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #709650

Doubtful that will happen, Gun - the loans were bought from GMAC (General Motors), one of the halfrican's prized patrons.

to Frank Crofton, Maryland, United States #961268

"Halfrican"???? Not diverting from the immediate subject, but what does any of this have to do with race?

How many "prized patrons" have our white presidents had? But they get a pass because they are white?

Boy, racism is alive and well in this ignorant country - no wonder other countries hate us... it's ignorant folks like you - *** makes me shudder more than Ocwan...

to Gumbox Atlanta, Georgia, United States #900043

Call your local FBI branch

to Sick of ocwen Waynesville, Missouri, United States #1223709

I reported this company to everybody but the prosecutor's office and the FBI. So happy for this information.

Those two offices are hearing from me soon. Ocwen is now operating under SETERUS, let us not forget to address Seterus crookedness

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