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I found a Attorney that will HELP us fight Ocwen...They know all about Ocwen's sh-t and know how to stop them...The Phone # 407-926-4044

Just tell them that Sal sent you.

...We all need to call...We have the right to protect our Homes...

...Just don't sit there, Do somthing, Fight for your RIGHTS...

...I will NOT let anyone take my HOME when I'm in the RIGHT... mite be time to pay them a visit at there HOME...

All of us have to stand up and let them know that we are not going to take there BULL-SH_T any longer...Ocwen is Bad NEWS and we have to STOP THEM...

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I need help with OCWEN, they keep making mistakes on my loan, it was purchased by OCWEN from Chase, I had a modification with CHase but Ocwen doesn't seem to want to honor it.THey send me different amounts that are due, they send me foreclosure papers in the mail and I can't get anyone to talk to me about the problem It took me 2 years to get a modification from Chase and as soon as I was approved, chase sold the loan to OCWEN and now they are acting like I never had a modification.

The most recent problem, they sent me a statement saying that my next payment was due 7/1/2012 with the wrong amount due, of 543.57 which all my statements have had the wrong amount on them, but I have been sending in the amount 668.12 which is the modification amount I had with Chase. Now they are saying that I am due for June not July and they are charging me late fees for all my late payments which is not what Chase said, in a modification if you make your trial payments you don't have late charges, also I have made all of my trial payments to OCWEN and I have not been late at all.

This company needs a good kick in the *** to straighten up.I have been on the phone with them now for over and hour and they are just repeating themselves asking the same questions over and over.


My mortgage was sold to OCWEN by chase in April, since that time I have had nothing but trouble.I had an agreed modification with CHASE before my loan was sold, since being with OCWEN it appears that all my 2 years of hard work have gone down the tubes, OCWEN keep changing the due dates and the amount of my payments, I can't seem to get anyone to help me.

I keep getting foreclosure notices in the mail yet I have made all payments on time, OCWEN recently sent me a statement dated May 31, 2012 stating that my next payment was due July 1, 2012 in the amount of 543.57, which is not the correct payment, they haven't sent me a statement yet with the correct amount, but I have been paying what my modification from Chase asked for 668.12 and it has been on time. Now they are telling me that my payments are past due and that I owe for June, which is not correct, I followed all their statements to the letter sending in more than they stated.

They are also charging me late fees on a modification payment plan, which is wrong.THese people need to be sued and sued big time to stop taking homes from people


Im fed up with these crooks......


Ocwen is just company full of Liers when they say want to help the consumers.


I called the #... I hope this is not another "Sense of false Hope". :)


I've worked for Ocwen for quite a long time, and as a supervisor I was, I know all the inside story.Usually lawyers, no matter how competent they are, can do little or nothing more than translate mortgage vocabulary to you.

Everything in the mortgage industry is pre-signed and compliant with federal and state regulations. Furthermore, Ocwen decides wether to help their customers or not based on their own exclusive convenience, not their customers'.

To clear any doubt, please contact me at call me Marcel.


The Attorney office is in Orlando, FL.

Kimberly DERRY LAW OFFICES 407-926-4044

We met her today and she was very

competent and knowledgable, we left there with the feeling that our problems will be

resolved soon.

Unfortunately she only practices in central

Florida so this will not help everyone out

there. We hope this will help some of you.


I don't know what state 407 is, but I will call. Can he help even if you are not in the same state?


I will call, I'm feed up with them as well.

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