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We Are Caretakes apprioximately 35yrs , Note-Most All Frauds Happen Upon Orgination, We Have Not Researched The Orgination. Be purchased our house 29yrs ago in1989 for 145.000.00 after putting 45k down,we had 100k balance and have paided consistantly for 29yrs, house is paided in full.

Yet there was a pending balance to be paid,On 9/29/06, We refianced our home with American Brokers Conduit an unlicenced company in year of 2006 they refiance and stole 100k placing balance unto back of loan, on 10-10-06 the loan was transfer to washington mutal and dietec, they then refianced another 100k again denying borrower both times of refiance moneys due. Then lenders misrepresented the first signed signatures dated 9/29/06, extending the loan transaction to 10/10/06 thru refiance, then a frauduent multi assignment transfer along with multiparcel title theft.Converting tax data,and high rated interest and deletion of our information,a hostile aquistion by theft. Note,In order to perfect title theft you must take possessiong of the property, This Is Ocwen and Its affilates. We have 8-10 defaults per yr.

the last default filed 1-27-18 recieved 90days late, there was zero notices for foreclosure,yet we paid the default of 12.121.50 by wire May8th 2018,then a post place on the door to sale in 21days, there was a recission,none of the moneys paid toward the principle was paided toward the loan, all went to interest and a fraudent insurance policy.

Today we are looking at a new default,Ocwen wants another 12.000.00 to cure the default looking foreclose and take the property to perfect title theft they must take possession- This Is Identity Theft In Which We are Exposing And Fighting, Any Comments Feel Free to Contact Me at There Is Power In The Numbers!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fraudent document, Fraud on documents-pay history - escrow complete trouble.

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