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Since 2013, when ocwen home theft co. bought my home loan I have only gotten one answer to any question I have asked any ocwen employee.

That answer is always "I don't know". Sometimes they try to refer me to their "RESEARCH DEPT." The research dept employees are as worthless as the regular excuses for employees. I have talked to more than 1000 OF OCWEN'S employees (Yes, that says ONE THOUSAND ++). You can never get the same agent twice.

They will always ignore you if you ask to speak to a manager. Typically by talking over you (RUDE BASTARDS) So far I have been given approx 9 different dates when I ask ocwen's *** "What is the date of the first payment that ocwen has an issue with?". Maybe 5 of ocwens *** gave me a date. All were different by several months.

Obviously all were WRONG!!! I even sent the question to research complete with a "fill in the blanks" form and detailed instructions how to fill it out. There was only ONE question on the answer page. The question was "What is the date of the first payment that ocwen has an issue with?" and what was the issue.

There were only 2 spaces to put an answer. OCWEN'S *** THREW IT AWAY!! They did send about 40 pages of incomprehensible crap my CPA could not understand. Another question ocwen's *** cannot answer is "What is the date ocwen took over my home loan?" Again they say "I don't know".

I have gotten about 8 different answers so far. One of ocwen's favorite scams is to not answer any questions a customer/victim asks until the customer/victim owes ocwen lots of extra money. Since the reason the customer/victim owes the extra money is because ocwen is intentionally dragging out the process. ocwen should not be getting any extra money from any customer until after ocwen has answered any question any customer/victim asks on the FIRST phone call.

Ocwen's actual game plan is to first ruin your credit so you cannot refi away from ocwen. Then after ocwen has created the illusion that you are not paying your home loan ocwen will STEAL YOUR HOME through foreclosure. What really sucks is the various governments of the USA ASSIST ocwen in stealing your home from you by not verifying the evidence ocwen presents in court. ocwen has been caught foreclosing on someone and bringing someone elses paperwork to court!!

Our elected officials are regularly expressing concern for the "FORECLOSURE CRISIS". A massive portion of it is done by "ocwen loan servicing". If you add up the rulings by the various judges that ruled against ocwen apparently ocwen has stolen more than 500.000 (YES, that says FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND) homes from innocent CITIZENS OF THE USA. Any of the judges could have stopped ocwen's stealing.

Apparently the judges simply don't want to. After all the judge isn't losing his/her home so why bother!!! I found out about check stacking by reading a case file wherein ocwen was being sued for doing it. Yes, ocwen always loses the lawsuits for cheating customers/victims.

ocwen does something else called "Check stacking". That is when ocwen delays posting your payment for a long enough time to make it show, in ocwen's records, as though it actually was late. Ocwen has delayed recording my payments as long as 5 WEEKS. That way it shows up as late and missing.

I should mention that my payments are wired in by my bank. My bank says it is not possible for any to have been late or missing. I got evidence documentation from my bank and sent it to ocwen's "RESEARCH DEPT". Try not to be surprised!

ocwen has an excuse for that too!! >>THE DOCUMENTS ARE IN THE WRONG FORMAT

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Home Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Ocwen is a fraudulent unorganized Lucile Ball candy factory crime operation. I paid off my home over 13 years ago.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company used its favorite kangaroo court bias judge who was retiring to be guaranteed favorable judgment to rescind my full reconveyance so the pretender lender loan servicer American Home Mortgage could quietly embezzle my property. Since the film flam judgement Ocwen creeped into the picture claiming I owe over $300,000 more then the loan I paid off over 13 years ago, from $552,000 to over $850,000. Ocwen is using forgery and fraud, false documents, false principal balance, manufacturered force place insurance policies, and then slandered my title using its cozy relationship with Altisource Trustee Services as a weapon against me, threatening me that if I don’t sign increased none negotiable loan modification in 48 hours releasing Ocwen from liability they would instruct its cost Altisource to proceed with fraudulent Trustee Sale. Ocwen’s attorney has been threatening me with the sale and then recorded a new Notice Of Trustee Sale on my birthday then started laughing at me calling me a Trump scum.

Ocwen lawyer move my case to its cozy new court requesting for dismissals to once against take away my rights from a fair judge and a fair jury hearing my case.

Ocwen and it’s shady lawyers are demons running a muck making California a terrible corrupt state. It’s a good thing he hides behind his computer like a little baby committing his crimes.

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