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Well, I had first filed a loan modification since 01/2011 and it FINALLY got approved in 08/2011!Our payments were great they went from 1,459 down to 789.13 with escrow.

As well as our % that went from 3.9% down to 2.0%. And our prnciple balance went from 250,000 to 115,019! We were all very happy with the terms. Our first payment was due for 10/2011, which I send in on time.

Then I noticed that Ocwen was not calling me back with updated, so I called early November. They then told me that my loan modification had been cancelled!!!!!! I was LIVID, I said how the *** could that be??? And when were you guys going to let me kno this, when I 'd be kicked out???

Supposedly, the reason it got cancelled was bc they were expecting a payment for 09/2011, and nothing was said on the new modification!!!!!!! So I told them then what could I do now, they said we can resubmit your modification, just send us new financial paperwork, done. Then we had been approved once again for the same terms, and our first payment was due for 11/2011. And ocwen was going to send me the new modification contract through e-mail, as usual.

A week went by, 2weeks, a month and nothing. During that time I had been contacting them letting them know why havn't I received anything yet, it dosen't take long for an e-mail to go through. And all what they ever say is, "You should get it in 2-3days." Then, I had a woman come to my house with 2 huge thick packets of foreclosure processing!!!!!!!!! towards the end of November.

Letting me know that one packet was for us and the other for our attorney. So I called the number on the packets, which was to the down town court office in Chicago. To find out that our house was soon going to be foreclosed with a short sale if we did not respond to the clerk's office 21days from when the letter was written FROM ocwen. I explained everything to the foreclosure department, and she said she was going to send them an email, so they can update them on everything in regards to the modification we have approved for.

2 days later I called her back and asked her if she had received anything, she said no not yet, but dont worry let me send them another one. So now I am waiting it these *** will respond by Monday. Plus, I called ocwen for them to call here and just give them an update of what we have worked out with them, THEY REFUSED!!!!!!!!! They said that they can only speak with the customers, and no one else.



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Monetary Loss: $250.

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i am just doing some research on which way to go on refinancing.you guys make me scared...

but i have notice my loan not readjusting and more is being put on my principle instead of lower payments which never happened before the loan was sold to ocwen.

443-716-6729...in you got info call me


My mortgage was sold to Ocwen when I asked for loan modification from the original holder.Ocwen denied me, of course, even though I am a single mother making more than $10k less a year than I was when I bought my home.

I hate dealing with them. Everytime I call it seems like I get one of two Indian men that can not tell me anything except for "it is being processed". No one from this company will ever call you back or contact you when you need it. You can never speak to a manager or anyone other than the Indian man that answers who cant help you.

Why are they allowed to do business in such a manner?I despise this company and tell everyone possible to avoid it if they want to keep their home.

to AnotherOcwenhater #594996

omg - I agree completely. FYI I've listed my issue as an addendum to OCWEN DEED-IN-LIEU post but it seems that every division of OCWEN is unprofessional and unethical. So glad I found this site before I attempted to negotiate a deal with OCWEN - it obviously would've backfired on me :upset


Wow...as usual i see horror stories...I am amazed to see the things that these banks do to people- i dont know how they expect a homeowner to do this stuff on their own.It doesnt help there were all those companys taking peoples money and doing nothing.

Look any of you having trouble, feel free to contact me, I work as a modification specialist, processor for a NY lawfirm...If I can help I will. Not all of us are monsters, some care...I only went online to download a modification package because I am doing a mod for my dad in florida now too, thats how i found this...its crazy. Best advice, document everything, especially fax transmissions and conversations no matter what bank it is.

Not for nothing Ocwen is one of the best out of the bunch believe it or not.i love when someone tells me thats who I will be dealing with- good luck everyone michele.law.info@gmail


I agree with all of you, I had a modification done in America back 3 years ago, with Ocwen and only took a month, now they had lowered it from $811.00 to 604.11 now 3years and 5 months later got a letter stating my new house payment would be 9.685% was 4.44% now bringing my house payment to a large jump $922.49, I have been working with these india idiots for 3 months now and they always say we still have not received your hire date, which I was there with the first but my work Faxed it twice, I finally mailed it also with priority mail to see if they say they never got it.I now have not made that house payment and a month behind.

I can not pay that on a part time job.

I am in on a lawsuit with them, IT IS A SCAM phone 314-599-4797.Count me in.


my loan has recently been sold to Ocwen.Chase was doing my modification for 2 years now and said that they sold it to Ocwen and that chase was still gonna do the modification.

i get a call from Ocwen and they are asking for some forms not all specific forms and i say isn't chase doing it? i could hardly understand what he was saying but he said he would e-mail me another packet to fill out and that was 2 weeks ago and still no reponse.

then there was to be a phone appt and nothing.i guess these banks (anyone) don't care.


After a total of 1 year and 7 months I finally had my modification completed by Ocwen.We started the process with Litton.

Our loan was sold to Ocwen. I'm not convinced they are not one in the same. Like many of you, we had to continue to submit our paperwork over and over and over. After realizing we were not going to get anywhere, my attitude was that I did not care.

I scanned all my documents requested by Ocwen. I then started faxing them to Ocwen daily. Sometimes up to a hundred times a day. This to make sure they could not say they did not get my paperwork.

I then told them I found another home which I would be moving into shortly. I showed them a link to an ad I placed on Craigs List which I was offering to let a family live in my home for free. After about a month of sending faxes all day long and late night faxes as well as my threat to let a family have my house, my modification was confirmed today. From $1,450.00 monthly to $750.00 monthly.

I'm down to 2.75% for the life of my loan.

Want more info.my email is investnwa@yahoo.com


Call Ocwen to get another resolution done. If you have any complaints you need to write to the Ombudsman dept in Ocwen...you will get thier address at www.ocwencustomers.com. There must have been a reason as to why your modification got denied and what went wrong. You must have recieved a modification denial letter. Again, Ocwen is not obligated to provide you with a modification and you are required to make your monthly mortgage payments. If there is a foreclosure sale date on the account...pay the total outstanding amount due and reinstate your mortgage..this will stop the foreclosure sale date. Ocwen has never begged you to stay back as a customer...if you don't want to stay with Ocwen as a customer go and get your loan refinanced. Stop going to a 3rd party for something like loan modifications or other resolution options. They may charge you with a fee and Ocwen does not charge any fees for modification...in addition the 3rd party may be a fraud company and you may loose everything. However, if you insist an Ocwen rep can still speak with a 3rd party. What you need to do is first contact Ocwen an 1-800-746-2936 and say that you want to authorise your 3rd party on the account. I think you have completely lost it...you can pay thousands of dollars to an attorney for a *** reason and can't pay the outstanding balance on your own mortgage and be current. What is the guarantee that only an

US rep can help you? You need to realise that when you call Ocwen you speak...

Indian rep. A US will also provide you with the same answer that an

Indian rep will provide you. You just need to be calm and patient.

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Contact the federal trade commission. Try getting your loan refinance if u can


No one in the world gets a 2.0% int rate mortgage. NO ONE. You should have known better.

The best today with excellent credit rating is 3.20% which Im sure isnt you.

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