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I spent thousands of dollars on a lawyer to get a modification that I could afford.they sent me paperwork from both my lawyer and ocwen stating I was approved and my first trial payment was due on 1/01/2017, and when I went to make my payment with them over the phone..

because you cant make one online... they told me they could not accept it because I didn't make my payment on time? I was dumfounded... even with all my paperwork it does not state anywhere but 01/01/2017.

so after being put on hold... they came back and said we could accept the payment.. so I asked am I ok? they said yes...

it wasn't until 05/30/17 when I went to make my june payment they told me they could no longer accept my payments as my modification was denied for being late on my trial payment on 12/01/2016.grrrrrrrrr

Review about: Ocwen Mortgage Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Horrible, incompetent service!One hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

The India center guys on at least three occasions dictated to me how to compose the income verification document(after I got totally frustrated with repeated rejections of my paperwork for the bogus reason of being incomplete), each time absolutely differently, and each time the document was rejected by"underwriters"

Finally, after much calling and even threatening with the law suite, got the modification package, but with the"surprise" in it - almost $70000 (yes, 70000) added to the end of the loan as a balloon payment.+ extended loan maturity date.

I don't know what to do.The lower monthly payment is good, but everything else is BS

Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #1346023

SAME thing happened to us!We FINALLY got a modification we could afford, after trying for almost 3 years and made 4 payments (3 for trial mod) and assumed all was good.

Then we started getting calls and letters stating we didn't send them signed agreement??? Uh, yes we did. Now they want to possibly do "an in house modification" where our payments jumped over $100 a month from original loan AND a balloon payment of $100,000 after paying 18 more years?!

This is on a doublewide for goodness sakes!We are livid and are working with an attorney right now...

to D S #1348163

Going thru the same thing.I returned the acceptance documents for trial modification and two weeks later I receive two new trial mod docs only these were 300.00 dlls more.

Passed the trial mod and was sent modification approval and was denied because they were late. Come to find out they sent me incomplete documents. Called to complain and they were going to look into it. I receive a call about my appeal being reversed and was told to look out for new docs only to find out they changed their mind and the appeal was once again denied.

I was told to reapply. This company needs to be investigated. Oh yes I too was told to stop making payments by them to qualify for a modification.

Now I am at pre-foreclosure state.Curious to know how your lawsuit goes.

to D S #1372731

I am going through this same problem


call 1-877-297-7011 they help people dealing with Ocwen

to Deb Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #1346030

Deb, is this someone inside of Ocwen?

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