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We received notice on 12/17/09 that our loan with Cenlar had been transferred. Notice from Ocwen on 12/21/09 that payments go to Ocwen.

By 1/25/10 we received a Notice of Default and that we had past due payments of over $8,000 (payments were $1,100 a month), due immediately. Late fees, property inspection fees, title report fees have been tacked on each month. We have sent 3 letters disputing amounts since February. Got word yesterday that house will be auctioned next week.

Ocwen's auto payment system states they received "cost and fee information requests on 7/9 and will respond within 15 days." Guess what - that was 4 days ago and nothing! No return phone calls. Mortgage insurance company tells me loans transferred from Taylor, Bean & Whitaker to Cenlar to Ocwen are wrought with problems, but they can put us into loan modification application. So their legal counsel will run around reacting to Ocwen's false info rather than demand Ocwen substantiate it's figures.

Ridiculous! We're contacting Attorney General and Department of Justice today.

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sorry: "leif cabraser heimann stein, LLP"


look at "lefi cabraser heimann & bernstein, LLP" for current class action lawsuit against Ocwen. Contact Jennifer Rudnick at (800) 541-7358 to participate.


I am also calling the Attorney General and the Department of Justice first thing on Monday morning. We have had all of the similar stories that I have read on here and I can't believe there are so many people having this same problem!! Ocwen is only concerned about taking the "little people's" money, because they can, and it sounds as though they are making a KILLING at it....

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