Missouri City, Texas
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Held funds from Insurance claim. Will not disburse to consumer. In March 2012, my home flooded from a hot water heater in the attic. My insurance company quickly sent funds to cover the reapirs. When i mail the check to the mortgage company, they came up with reason after reason as to why they could not send the final payment. The last being that one of their staff members entered the wrong amount into my account and they have to research where the money is. Are you kidding me. Its in your pocket. This is plain theft and something had to be done to help consumers get their money so that their homes can be repaired. Any suggestions?

Stafford, Texas

August 15, 2012

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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My review was somehow altered, It states that the monetary loss was $22.00, Ha..its was thousands. This company reported to the credit bureau that my mortgage was late for 12 consecutive months even 90 days late..guess what.

I have never had a late payment. They do this to prevent you from getting financed from another mortgage company.



I'm learning about this by your comments. I have a check to mail Ocwen to sign.

I'm going to do more research on them.

Seems like a scam. We need to file a law suit if this is going on.


After hurricane Irma here in Florida my check was sent from my insurance company to Ocwen and by the time I reach them they had already signed and disbursed my check was in the mail that evening I was very satisfied


What is this monetary loss statement at the bottom of the page? My lost was thousands ..not a few $$$$.



Oh my... I'm dealing with the same thing.

It's been 18 months, several correspondence and DOZENS of calls and they won't release my funds.


We as consumers should be able to fond an attorney to obtain a class action suit against this company. There are so many of us going through the same experience.

There is not one review that has been positive about this company.

Social media should be able to be a great hindrance to this company for all the wrong they have done to all of us as consumers!


They had the nerve to call me and ask me if I wanted to refinance with them..My reply...are you kidding me? I don't want the mortgage I have. You would think that the Government cared more about consumers


I'm dealing with this as we speak. I need a good attorney in Arizona.

This company must be stopped. I dealt with them on a loan mod for over 2 years of craziness. Now I'm being put out of our temporary house due to their holding of insurance checks well past any reasonable amount of time. Same story, flooded house last year.

Blown inspections, lost checks, lost invoices and an endless "we'll handle it" with no follow up.

I never chose this loan servicing company, they acquired my loan in a refinance.

If I only knew that I would deal with years and years of heart ache due to this criminal organization.

In 12 days my family and I with all of our pets will be homeless. I told the company today that I will be pitching tents in the front yard.


Never sign the check before sending to ocwen.


Over and over we faxed paper work to release more funds to build the house. They keep coming up with excuses.

Our home was a total lose why they are the only people who didn't know that I don't know.

My insurance company re faxed papers still not what they need. I'm starting to think we need an attorney.


I feel your pain. My house was flooded on March 24, 2012 .

. . Ocwen still has the insurance money. I can't even tell you how many times I've called.

Each time there's some reason why the check hasn't been disbursed . .

. in the mean time I'm paying my mortgage and my house is still uninhabitable!



I am having the same trouble. My mortgage was sold to ocwen and we had our insurance through saxon.

saxon mailed the check to ocwen and they kept the money. We have already made the repairs and the roofers are asking for their money. I call ocwen, they keep telling me an inspector will contact me in 3-5 days to verify the work is done.

This has been going on since before July. they are a scam.

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