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I too have been ripped off by Ocwen. There is a law firm in California that is filing a class action lawsuit. It is IMPERATIVE that our voices are heard!

Maybe if we ALL write to them they can do something. We are about to lose our home due to Ocwen's unfair practices. In addition, the notice of foreclosure has a Cal-Western Reconveyance Corporation as Substitute Trustee, which is a holding company of Ocwens! Ocwen is ONLY a loan servicing corporation, and does NOT hold the promissory note of our loan! DB home Lending does.

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Very unhappy. Made my payment on the 28th of the month.

Ocwen did not process for three days. Hit with a 30 day late payment on my credit report

Money was in my account ready for the payment to be processe.

These folks are the worst!

Concord, North Carolina, United States #748565

My whole paymnet is taken from my account but only part of it applied and no one knows why!Now I'm getting foreclosure notices!

Where's my money!?I have all my receipts from bank and from ocwen as proof that only part of full monthly is being applied!!


I was looking at my credit report this past weekend.I noticed Ocwen on my credit report showing a foreclosure in December 2012 in Nebraska.

We bought a house in March of 2012 in Missouri. We did have a house in Nebraska and we did do a short sale but it was all completed in February of 2009.

I called these people 5 times today and while yes they spoke English in was VERY difficult to understand.I am disputing this with the credit reporting agency but really how does this stuff happen.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #746934

I went thru a Bk Rup. In 2007 that included my house payment.

This ocwens compa ny has been calling me every day saying

That there a dept collection co and says I owe mega bucks in

Late payments. I tell them wrote them and faxed them l the BK

Paper work and I need advice !!

John at 321-506-8633.

ThAnk you. !!


So it is comforting to know that I am not alone with my *** about OCWEN.We had a large amount of damage to our home, and the insurance company cut us a check, because of laws, they have to write it into the mortgage company's name as well as mine.

They put it into an account and then drag their feet on sending us the drafts. I am responsible to call them, and everytime I do, I talk to someone else, from (India) who yes speaks English, but it is very scripted, and we go rounds, until I start cursing and crying. Normally I am very culture patient, but this is BS. They hold on to your money, as long as they can.

I have used my own resources to pay for the repairs and I am about to lose it.

Hate them!:( anyone know any ways around these bozos?

to Nicki San Diego, California, United States #739059

We are in the same boat here, just exactly what you're going through!We had damages to our home since August 28 and we are still waiting for Ocwen to release the funds to us ( our insurance has pais out).

The only suggestion I have for you is to request to speak to a specialist, they will connect you to non- India person.Good luck to us


I had my gmac home equity line of credit transferred to them in early 2013.I have called them on at least two, and maybe three occassions to obtain a copy of my promissory note, as well as to understand why my line is "frozen"...I've NEVER been slow pay.

Can't get a straight answer, and have not yet received a copy of the note..while I understand and appreciate the importance of proper caller identification, they ask everything short of your blood type to answer your questions.If I really needed to use my equity line this would really be driving me it is it's very frustrating!


seems like you only pay interest and nothing come of the bill.


I too have had a very bad experience with Ocwen.Isn't there a regulating body that overlooks these companies that we can contact?

Can somebody see if they can find out who that is so we can consolidate and contact them? The odds of a consumer "mass action" are better than a lawsuit if we can find out the regulating body.

I'm sure there must be one.Please post.


GMAC sold my mortgage also to Ocwen in Feb 2013. I have always pd my house note online. In Sept I tried to log on to OCWEN and it stated that they were making changes to the Website and to log on later. Well 2 days later I finally logged on to pay my house. It was past 5 days late so I knew I would have to pay a late fee and OK, but know OCWEN gives you three things to choose from.

1. click here if current their place

2. click here if no more than 5 days late their place

3. click here is more than 5 days late. Well since you can only use this choice once you pay, not only do you pay the late fee but Western Union charges a 10.00 fee. So I take it that OCWEN is now working with Western Union. They must get a part of the 10.00 dollars. I called Customer Service and they were very hateful. Advised me to just not pay late. Nothing I can do that I know of. Does anybody else.

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