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They have just taken over Homeward Residential and have a F rating with the BBB as does Homeward Residential aka AHMSI. If you are having problems with your mortgage servicing agent, please do the following:

1. Do not negotiate over the phone, as they often change their tune, if they call, note the time, date and let them know you will also be recording the phone call with your smart phone.

2. If you have a complaint, make in writing as a "qualified written request" under RESPA, and include acct#, problem and how soon you would like it resolved. Be sure to let them know you are cc: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, your local state atty general as well as State Dept of Finance. If you are having problems with their website with phone calls, also cc: Federal Trade Commission for their debt collection practices.

3. Keep calm, be polite, but be firm about requiring any and all information in WRITING ONLY. You can ask that they only correspond with you in writing. Keep in mind, emails and phone calls do not matter in court as much as written correpondence, so everything you send them, send by certified mail.

4. Make all payments through an independent 3rd party, like Western Union so you can document the payments, and DO NOT let them ACH your account.

5. Ask for a payment history and check it monthly, be sure to also check your escrow account to make sure you are not being overcharged.

6. Ask for a complete explanation of all fees that they claim are being assessed. Ask for a copy of the original mortgage note and mortgage contract that allows them to collect the debt to begin with.

7. Check with the title company to see who is assigned to your mortgage, this is especially important if you are behind and/or perhaps facing forclosure.

8. Keep making mortgage payments, even if they are partial payment and/or send them back or tell you not to make payments while you are "refinancing". You want to show you made a good faith effort to keep your account current.

9. Keep calm and be polite to the service reps you deal with, the bosses they serve probably treat them worse than the do the customer, maybe some will get some integrity and blow the whistle on these unscrupulous practices.

10. Don't give up! Ever!

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I have proofan in-house corruption 44 closing on people when they were actually in my vacations I have proof that you're negotiators were doing illegal transactions but I need somebody to call me

preferably an attorney or attorney general


My initial loan started with option one.Then it went to Ahmsi, then Homeward now ocwen.

When my loan was serviced by homeward, homeward assessed me with a fee on 11/1/2012 for $1,005.21.

I have no idea what this fee is for.

I have a print out from homeward, however I do not understand their accounting codes.Does anyone know how to read homewards reports?

Millington, Tennessee, United States #665970

my stepmom used ocwen to mortgage the family house for a new roof

upon refinance time they conned her into a adjustable rate mortgage as she is legally blind

and then they bought and sold the note on the house artificially increasing her monthly payment to the point where it was no longer affordable for her the house is in legal limbo now since the government is suing ocwen for such practices


Response to bewisetoday:

Information provided is the fact to resolve situation with loan modification.We have fought for longtime and overcome situation with our loan modification, after having government agencies to get involved.

Although, the terms of the loan modification are not what was expected, but the monthly payments are within affordable range.

Since, presently we are going through financial crisis due to housing industry upside-down, loan modification with affordable payments will lessen financial burden for the time being.It is the choice between losing home and staying in the home with affordable finance.


I'm horrified that the publisher I am in process of doing business w/is a scammm!I recently paid about $1,300 for Xlibris to publish my second book; they did a decent job with the first one; however, several people brought typos to my attention I had not noticed in the first one, so I edited the second one forever, believing it will be better.

Anyrate, I am scared now that I have read all these complaints about Xlibris. Some of the stuff I can identify w/& the rest, I'm not sure. I really identify w/not getting the royalties I expected, but I sold my own book and did well. Now, I am scared to death; there does seem to be a lot of different folk, supposedly working w/me on this or that; and, most are foreign born, it appears the company has gone abroad and taken a few American jobs with them.

I will let you know if I join you in the class action suit; gotta get my material back first; and, they already have my money now! Where was this information before I did any biz w/Xlibris?

Will be in touch!

Respectfully & gratefully,

Frankie J.Holtz-Davis

to Frankie Holtz-Davis #769017

This message was not designed for OCWEN loan company, though scammers that they were/are, it was intended for Xlibris Publishing Company!How my complaint about "Xlibris" got onto this page is beyond me.

Regarding OCWEN, yes they are scammers; they are ruthless and should not be able to do business any place on the planet, let alone in America.However, it seems as long as the dollars are green, America will do biz with whomever.


I had my loan transfer from CHASE BANK to OCWEN in April 2012 after CHASE has been MODIFIED my loan.OCWEN took over the loan and I made all my payment on time, since last month I kept receiving letter from them stated they DENIED my modification.

1st I never apply for modification with OCWEN..when my loan transfer to them it was already MODIFIED.

2nd .

every time I call them it's hard to communicate due to heavy accent from the customer service agent it's really hard to communicate, now after reading all these negatives reviews I already know I'm going to have a hard time fixing this problem.can some one please tell me how to get around this?


We too have Ocwen... worst I've ever dealt with... I pay my bills but the economy forced a complete change , basically overnight in 2008. we've had to deal with Ocwen ... You just have to be patient... we ended up filing bankruptcy anyway. Now we have an attorney to deal with them.

We've got them to modify 3 times now.

When we bought the house it was originally Fremont bank which sold the loan to Ocwen. I agreed to pay them x amount for 3 years-blah blah.Based on my pay at the time... due to circumstances beyond our control things changed.

I could have just said screw it and walked away from the house ,bought something cheaper (like all the other a-------s did which contributed to this mess),and let it go to foreclosure but I chose to stick it out. I did agree to pay x amount for the house. I don't really care what it is worth... I did sign a contract. but cannot continue to pay the monthly payments so we've had to make some changes... If the finance companies don't want to deal with us ... fine ... let them deal with squatters and vandals after I move out... They will eventually give in... less money is better than none or a loss altogether.


Just pay your bills and you wont be bothered..

to Sorry Huntsville, Alabama, United States #598968


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