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Dear Joann Perez, ( Ocwen ), & Quality Loan Service Corp.,

Very convenient. Again, I am requesting information about the contractor that came to the property for the purpose of verifying information for a BPO that you ordered. It would appear that this person came at your request. Our mailbox was opened by this person. I want to know who this was, who came to my property. I have the right to know who you sent. This is terrorism.

It seems, that based on our conversation, and my extreme displeasure in the event that occurred, that it is now Ocwens position that we no longer communicate. Your fear over the actions of another that Ocwen sent, without notification to the property owner, or it's occupants, has changed the direction that was being followed prior to the event, ( the event being the arrival of a contractor that you sent, unannounced , at night, in the country, who opened our mailbox). Remember, ordering the broker price opinion was done because your reason for declining the loan modification, and cash offer for short sale, was because your agent indicated that a BPO was conducted sept. 2012, that rendered a value of around 400,000. When your representative was questioned on this, the on site BPO was ordered. You told me that the follow up visit, that you ordered, was to allow the broker information to issue a valid amount of value for the property. I suspect that the Sept, BPO was never done, as the value is false, as you now know. So, with no excuse to deny the cash offer, you can now ignore your legal responsibility to follow through and foreclose.

Changing your response because of a situation that YOU ordered is NOT LEGAL! This is also a form of blackmail. You are now refusing to follow through with the stated direction, and specific commitments made by you.

I will now make it my personal goal to bring these breaches to light. I will post this, and all attempted communication, to be made public. I will continue to to call the assigned representative, ( you), leave messages, document all actions. Additionally, a request was sent to your office for information. Some information has been received , but is incomplete. I am requesting this information again.

Consider this a formal complaint and dispute.

Susan Lawing

Doug Blue


Loan Number: 7110018921 Property Address: 15530 Paskenta Rd Flournoy, CA 96029

On Feb 11, 2013, at 6:16 AM, "Perez, Joanne" wrote:

Mr. Douglas Blue,

I have spoken to management and we will not be providing you any information through email. All communication will be through our foreclosure attorney. If you have any disputes you may forward your dispute to our foreclosure attorney and you can send a copy to my fax number.


Joanne Perez

Foreclosure Alternative Specialist


Phone 407-737-6145

Fax 407-381-6989


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