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KYHC has attempted to contact Ocwen via email for months. I personally have been trying to contact a representative in Ocwen from December 2015 up till April 2016. Being promised that I would receive a call back within 24-48 hour which never happened after several request. I had to call Ocwen every day, being on the phone with them for hours consistently being repetitious in my conversation trying to get someone to help assist me for months....
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I didn't like
  • Unwilling to solve issues
  • Customer service
  • Incompetent customer service
Our Loan was sold to them & we hate their customer service. It's owned by a Indian company so people with very heavy accents & not too bright call you at 8am or 8pm to tell you your payment is due in 5 days?! Seriously! But here's the kicker, they won't talk & tell you why they are calling you unless you give them your social security number first! Ya that's not going to ever happen. For ten years theve been calling & each time I refuse to just...
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We came out of bankruptcy the first three payments we paid were never credited to our account and then all of a sudden it was turned over to a collection agency because what they did was probably illegal. Then when you call you don't get no answers, it was a home equity loan that was sold to them. I paid for years and the balance never went down now I'm paying monthly payments to a collection agency I'm ready to quit paying they can take me to...
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Anonymous Contact me I can help you. There is more to the dirtiness of this company most people have no clue!!