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In 2006 I refinanced my home. I never had any payment issue.

In 2013 My loan was sold to ocwen loan servicing.

All of my payments from 2006 had been wired in so I have indisputable records.

From the first month with them ocwen reported me as late.

I immediately called ocwen and asked ocwen why I was reported as late.

ocwen's agent said "Your payment was late" I told them it was wired in so it cannot be late.

They just repeated "your payment was late".

After about 45 minutes of listening to ocwen's agent feed me their standard double talk and lies the call ended with no resolution.

This type of call with ocwen's agents was repeated 100s of times with ocwen making no attempt at resolution. Always more lies!!

I always asked for a manager and was always ignored!

Most agents have almost incomprehensible india accents.

ocwen always had a flimsy excuse why my bank's records of the wire transfers being on time and none missing were unacceptable.

I sent those records numerous times. Always OCWEN'S AGENT GAVE the same excuse! "RECORDS ARE IN THE WRONG FORMAT"

I have asked and ocwen will not say what the correct format might be.

So there is no way around that excuse, and ocwen has set it up that way intentionally!

My bank Suntrust is a big reliable bank. Not a bad joke like ocwen.

I must be clear here, ocwen is not a joke their buisness model does not provide for properly servicing your home loan.

ocwen's buisness model is to foreclose on you!!

When ocwen starts this stuff on you there is no way out before ocwen forecloses on you by a fraudulent foreclosure.

First step in ocwen's plan is to ruin your credit so you cannot refinance away from ocwen.

After a length of time they file for foreclosure, and the state where they are stealing your home speeds you out the door and gives your home to ocwen. The courts do not verify the foreclosure they only help ocwen steal your home illegally and quickly.

ocwen is home based in West palm beach, florida.

Florida like many other states ASSISTS ocwen by making foreclosure quick and easy for ocwen.

florida even setup a special court to speed up the theft process.

I know these details are absolutely accurate because ocwen came after my home.

I had friends that helped me pay off ocwen just after I got ocwen's foreclosure notice.

The only time I almost got a straight answer from ocwen was when I had a lawyer ask for the exact payoff amount. I paid a lawyer to ask because I wanted to see if ocwen would be honest with a lawyer. ocwen was honest with the lawyer!!

Since ocwen had ALWAYS lied to me in the past, 100s of inquiries, I called ocwen to verify the amount of the payoff and was told it was wrong!!!

I asked for a manager, yet again. The person identified to me as a manager told me, after a few minutes, that the amount specified was correct.

I put the money in the same account as always and had it sent immediately.

I checked with suntrust to be sure there were no regularity with the payment.

All was good.

Knowing ocwen I was not satisfied until I got the official "Paid off" notice from ocwen.

I have that FINALLY I can rest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Claim.

Reason of review: home theft.

Ocwen Pros: Home theft company.

Ocwen Cons: Dishonest business practices rude and inept representatives.

  • Ocwen Always Lies
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After 12 years of *** with them, everything you are talking about and more I have finally given up. I a gong to be 65 and dont have a choice.

I paid for the home 3 times over now. the inspection fees, late fees(on direct pay), escrow account botching, wrong addresses, wrong account numbers, worst customer service, the executives get there pay and bonuses from fast foreclosures and fees. I cant fight them anymore and lawyers with class action take it all and you still lose your home or they want you t claim bankruptcy but then you still deal with them after the bankruptcy is up. Being with Ocwen and now PHH is like being in a solitary confinement prison where no one will help you, even your government (who all get jobs with ocwen).

They dont' want to have Ocwen go down. They get interest and money off the penalities and fines they charge them but they are allowed to continue to ruin lives of good people .. There should be a national . DO NOT PAY OCWEN and that money should go in a fund to all the people who lost there homes, their lives because of these crooks.

I keep praying that God will do something .. but so far ……. After paying them $3500 a month and $1000 for a second mortgage and having no equity because of their continued mistakes I am now in the process of a short sale of a dream home that I thought I would never leave or move again.

Shame on you for ruining yet another life. This home wouldhave been paid in full by now


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