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Please contact me for any information on ongoing class action against Ocwen. My Mother would seriously like to join and bring these bastards down.

I have similar complaints here. My Mom owns a house in Sacramento, CA, she refinanced her prop in 12/06 and loan was sold to Ocwen in 1/06. She was told sometime in 7/06 that she was 1 month late while continuously paying her monthly mortgage. She asked how could that happened?

They said they did not receive 12/05's payment. She did pay the original mortgage company she signed for. All along, she was paying her mortgage unknowing she was 1 month late and Ocwen reported this to the credit bureaus. In 3/07, she was forced to make arrangements to her supposedly 1 month late by coming up with another $200 monthly payments.

Her mortgage was around $2500 now she's paying $2700 for about a year now. She has never missed payment. She tried to refinance recently but was told her credit rating was so low since it shows that she has 1 late payment since 1/06, when Ocwen took over servicing. Thats 24 months of late reporting!

even if she has not missed payment. Her credit is damaged and she has been turned down for refinancing. This is just cruel!

So please anyone get back to me and tell me if there's a class action out there, if not she'll have to bring a lawsuit herself.

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yOu will still lose your house. in a class action.

Ocwen has ruined my credit for years. They are. crooks. The only one that.

makes. any money in a class action is. the. Lawyers.

you will get. $500.00 and. still lose your home. If you want.

to. do. two or. three people on a lawsuit than I am in.

Many lawyers. will not. take them on. They have half of former.

government officials. as. their. executives .

The government. thinks if they shut down ocwen we will have. a housing crisis. Their employees and.

particular their so called. "relationship managers " have no banking , accounting, finance, or mortgage experience. You might as well be talking to an employee at Wallmart. You would.

get more service!!!! No after. 12 years. with these.

crooks I know. all their. games. I think we.

should have. an. official DO NOT PAY OCWEN DAY. Then.

lets. see. how fast. they.

turn. theirselves around. . the governments.

dont. want. ocwen to go down they just want. to keep on.

fining them because that keeps. their organization going. Our. government has.

failed. us. once. again!!!

You try to write.

to HUD Ben Carson. Maybe he will do something


Me, too! OCWEN has ruined my life, tried to take my home multiple times & totally ruined my credit!

If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit, PLEASE contact me...I will gladly take part! They should be shut down & issued a cease and desist order ASAP!!!


if anyone has info on how to be added to this class action suit for OCWEN please email it to me. it is VERY hard to find out any info on the class action suit does anyone have a website or phone numbers to the attys? Thank you.


I have been fighting Ocwen and been strung along with loan modification/forgiveness that were consistently denied by them, to ultimately be put in foreclosure also. I would like to join any and ALL class actions suits against them.


I currently have a lawsuit filed in Williamson County Texas.It has been served.


I also have filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo in Burleson County Texas . They employed Ocwen to service my Home Equity loan.

They have added an Insurance policy of which they cannot find or provide me a copy and have admitted to the Texas Department of Saving Mortgage Lending there application of one of my payments to the wrong account. Even with these errors they are still trying to foreclose.


Please keep me informed of any action against American Home Mortgage/Owcen.


I have an on-going big problem with OCWEN. My husband was released from a mortgage after his divorce and subsequent bankruptcy (as a result of the divorce).

OWCWEN is refusing to take my husband off the mortgage. the divorce was in 1995 - she got a loan modification in 2011 and now he is back on the mortgage as of 2011!


My mortgage is with Ocwen and these stories sound oh so very failiar. Litton Loan sold my mortgage to Ocwen in fall of 2011.

I made all of my payments and they are saying that I am 2 months behind consecutively since August of last year. They say they have applied it to escrow. They increased my payments so my regular (previous amount) payments were not a "complete payment" allowing them to put my payments in suspens and apply as they see fit. I had a consultation with a lawyer who said that it is not technically illegal!?!

Does anyone else know anything to the contrary?


Finally in the last 6 months or so I have been able to laugh at the situation. As with everyone Ocwen too just is interested in taking my house.

So I stopped paying, saved up, found a better home for me and my family, and now when they call I tell them to foreclose as they have continually threatened. Its amazing because now they are all about mod's, or what can we do, or all that.

I actually have them speechless and after all the hoops it feels good to just not care about the foreclosure or Ocwen. Congrats OCWEN you got a house worth 45,000 on a loan left with 220,000 worth of payments left, hahahahahaha.


:( We have been fighting with OCWEN so called Loan Servicing Co. for 3 years.

Our case is now in Federal Court and Hopefully we will get some type of gratification. If any of you are trying to get a Loan Mod. from these incompetent F___KS GOOD LUCK!! I hate to be the barrier of bad news, But, that is their way of getting you to owe more money.

and then they take your house. !! I read hundreds of cases with the same fraudulent, misleading,deceitful, conduct from all their employees. They lie and act *** and they know exactly whats happening ahead ....the big auction when they sell your house.

They are a disgrace to our human race. This company needs to be taken down. I would set fire to every office if I could but that isn't going to get my house back now is it!! :sigh !!

I would like to join any fight there is !!

Count me In!!


Oh my, I just got a final loan modification Confirmed with Homeward Residential, and now they've transferred our loan to these misfits:( That was a nightmare in itself getting that modification. It sounds like they all pretty much operate the same way: Customer service REPS in India, and Runaround when it comes to submitting the required documents - claiming they never received it, or filled out the wrong form.

I went through 7 months of the same old frustration. Keep calling, everyday if you have too, and RECORD your phone calls, that help us, because they INTENTIONALLY MIS-DIRECTED Us on filling our paperwork and we recorded EVERY Single conversation. I enclosed that to the Attorney Generals office and I received immediate help from my loan servicer. Now that we got the modification, it looks like they sent all of us "frustrated homeowners" who they consider misfits to this company?



I went through the same thing and was looking for an lawyer. They did some shady stuff and got my house. need a lawyer and help.


have gone through all of above. wrote letter to attorney general explaining all they said they were doing nothing wrong, thats BS got a attorney things changed was modified in a month at 2.0001% now just tryen for a yr to fix escrow.

they are a nitemare.

i did find out if an overs seas co.has an office in USA they r allowed by law to hold your mortgage how american is that. good luck to all we still dont feel at ease, an thats sad.


I have been dealing with Ocwens BS since they took over servicing my mortgage after Taylor Bean and Whitaker was closed by the Feds! They are horrible to TRY and work with.

I am receiving assistance through the Save My Home AZ program, via the Federal Government, and they are threatening to foreclose on my home due to my account being past due 30 days! I was advised by the AZ Housing Commission that it is illegal for them to foreclose on a loan that is currently receiving Federal assistance!!

I would dearly love to be included on any class action suit filed against them. I can be reached at


I'm going threw the same thing as these people and would like to be in on the class action suite to,please help me. you can contact me at or 570-762-1348 leave a message.


This company is such a hoax.When they bought my Loan from another company,they did state that they would honor what was put in writing but that was a lie.They kept on playing around an then said the time was up to honor the monitary part of the deal. :(


Please consider me in with this lawsuit. They foreclosed on my house.

Had a new loan to refinancing, ready to close and they would not send payoff. Forced into foreclosure.


I would love to join a class action, they are impossible to deal with and really screwing me over.


My husband and I lost our home after the unfair practices of these people. The force-placed insurance, holding our payments and charging us late fees, appraisal charges etc. Negative reports to the credit bureaus destroyed our credit scores and we were homeless for awhile before we could even find someone willing to rent to us.

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