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California - DOC Residential Mortgage Lending Act License (Branch) No

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License /Registration #: 813G992 Original Issue Date : 03/08/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 11/15/2010

Other Trade Names used in California - DOC : None

District of Columbia Mortgage Lender Branch License No

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License /Registration #: MLB263386 Original Issue Date : 05/11/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 11/29/2010

Other Trade Names used in District of Columbia : None

Maryland Mortgage Lender License No

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License /Registration #: 19238 Original Issue Date : 05/04/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 11/16/2010

Other Trade Names used in Maryland : None

Massachusetts Mortgage Lender License No

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License /Registration #: ML3389 Original Issue Date : 05/26/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 11/11/2010

Other Trade Names used in Massachusetts : None

Oregon Mortgage Lending Branch License No

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License /Registration #: ML-3304-3 Original Issue Date : 04/30/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 11/18/2010

Other Trade Names used in Oregon : None

Rhode Island Lender Branch Certificate No

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License /Registration #: 20041792LL B03 Original Issue Date : 08/03/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 01/31/2011

Other Trade Names used in Rhode Island : None

Vermont Lender License No

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License /Registration #: 6221 Original Issue Date : 07/21/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 01/26/2011

Other Trade Names used in Vermont : None

Washington Consumer Loan Branch Office License No

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License /Registration #: CL-263386 Original Issue Date : 04/05/2010

Status : Voluntary Surrender Status Date: 11/11/2010

Other Trade Names used in Washington : None

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I just had my doors locked and ocwen winterized my home I still live there!!! there hasn't been any paper saying this was gonna happen or a sheriff sale had been in place. It was up for sale but I had to leave quickly to get my mom to Texas due to her health issues. "Dying" now I can't get into my home and have no idea what to do to continue to move out like I was doing before my mom was put in surgery and gained severe dementia. Totally distraught!!!!
Amada L Escandon-O'Rourke
why don't you asked the sheriff what to do?...or go and file a motion yourself at the courthouse..look for the legal department to homeowners...they must have a lawyer--public attorney---pay for the paperwork to be filed and claim your property back!
If you find a lawyer, I got a story too! We got to get those S.O.B's!!! They are the worst! We can all get a suit going..
another ocwen victim!!!!!!!!!!
Ocwen is the most dishonest *** of the earth in my opinion. There lenders took the government bail out money and kept it all for themself. Less than 1% of people in need of loan modifications under H.A.M.P and various programs ever recieved any help from Ocwen. I went thru 2 years of *** after Ocwen obtained my mortgage from Taylor Bean and Whittaker after they took the money and ran. As soon as ocwen obtained my mortgage there telling me I am 2 months behind on payments and now all of a sudden after almost 3 years a year after being forced out of my house i recieved an e-mail from ocwen stating they recieved 2600.00 and some change payment to my account. This was on June 6th 2012 problem being My house was supposed to be sold at public auction on the 3rd of September 2011. So why does Ocwen still have anything to do with this house? They can't buy it back from themselves. I am getting another attorney to check into this and demand the original mortgage agreement that has been asked for several times with nothing in return. I have been scammed, screwed and totaly ripped off.
Saxon sold to Ocwen
I am in Florida and fell into the upside down mortgage schemes in 2006-7. I started out with Wells Fargo, then Saxon bought the loan, then sold it to Ocwen. Saxon, when my adjustable arm kicked in would not even speak to me about finding a solution. They served me a Lis Pendens to "get out". Then sold the loan to Ocwen. Since then I have a 2" file of correspondence to Ocwen beggin them to give me my house back (modify the loan). They will not answer me. Now, my house is still in my name after they kicked me out 3 years ago. There is a lock on the door, I can't get in it, and the roof is about to fall in because no one has maintained it. Yet the Deed is still mine. I've been told this is a bank walk-away. Isn't that wonderful? Ocwen simply WILL NOT communicate with me, will not answer my calls and will not answer my certified mailings for three years now. So I get to watch my house rot and fall down, all the while being its legal owner. What a joke.
to Saxon sold to Ocwen #743809
This has been going on with me for 3 years now. Did you make any progress? I offered them to purchase the note at a discount so I can stop incurring violations while the property rots away...

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