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Ocwen is denying a 74 year old lady with heath issues' her right to file bankruptcy. They allowed her to refinance many of times bringing her mortgage to high for her to pay, let alone keep up on the repairs to the house. She filed bankruptcy and was granted this now Ocwen is disputing this stating her house was in foreclosure. SHE'S 74 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give her a break. you made the mistake in letting her...
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I didn't like
  • How they treat people and take advantage of people
14 since the original one they received from Ocwen had expired. Ocwen said it would take a couple of days. Escrow closed on the 15th. On Sep. 16th Ocwen sent a fac to escrow stating that it would be a couple of more days before they could send the payoff statement. Sep. 22 still no statement, so the escrow company called Ocwen only to be told that they cannot send a payoff statement to them and that I the customer would have to call and request...
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Anonymous Write to the CEO's! It is very easy to get their contact info on the internet. That is the only way you can get any action. Also write to the CEO of your bank. OCWEN does not ...