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Hello.I recently (within past year), lost my house to short sale.

I had gone through numerous sleepless nights because of Ocwen. I had 2 little kids at the time, and the daily fear of losing the house almost killed me... Ive been through forebearance plans, loan mods, and more.... Is this settlement over?

What can folks like me expect to receive? When can folks expect anything?

Ive read all sorts of things from $2000 to $1000 to less...I could go on and on about the issues ive had with ocwen, but if you're reading this, you probably already know about the issues....

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Monetary Loss: $285.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #913438

Hey!!Good news!

They have begun dispersing payments this month!! dec 6-9th.

Website says pymt of approx $1150, give or take and expect it in the mail up to 2 wks(but probably not that long.YIPPEE!


Mike 66 July 10, 2012 commented that Ocwen stop cashing his checks and returning them, that is the same thing Ocwen did to my sister. They returned her money orders to her every time she sent them a monthly payments.


Dealt with the nightmare of Ocwen "loan servicing"- was in a dire medical issue in 2006 and subsequently went into forclosure in 2008, los my condo becuase of there "helping hand"- I tried to have them steer me to the actual Bank that held title to my home, but instead they foisted a take it or lose it "modification" that was supposed to be temporary - turned out the temporary ( 6 month) mod was considered permenent, and my mortgage went from $1975.00 ,which at the time I could afford, to $3,475.00/ mo.Each time I made a request to know who exactly held my mortgage Ocwen Rep "mrs Rivera" was whom I was referred to. At one point after dealing with her via telephone for nearly 4 months, she STOPPED taking my calls, Ocwne STOPPED cashing my checks and returning them, then claiming I never sent the payments!!

I later found out that JP Morgan Chase( Biggest THIEVEs in the nation) was the actual title holder, and that Ocwen was little more than a service and debt collector- NOT the actual Bank!!!

even after forclosure and moving away- nearly 4 yrs later, Ocwen still bombards me with demands to pay my second mortgage, including daily telephone calls, 7 days a week- when I do attempt to speak to someone , nothing is resolved( I was once "offered" an additional MODIFICATION to "catch up" on the supposedly outstanding 2nd, that would have cost me $1,500)

This is what "deregulation" and big bank bail outs gets you- I am waiting for the future Romney led...

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My Lender just sold my loan to Ocwen.After reading the comments, I'm pretty concerned.

What should I look-out for.It appears that you're not even safe if you pay on time.


Ocwen got my loan in 2003.Never been late on it at all.So with all of the stuff that ocwen put on me.I did everything to keep my house.In 2009 i sold it.I lost 200,000 I be dam if ocwen was going to get it.It wiped me out,all my money and my credit.Now after the lawsuit they said I get 0 because the paperwork was wrong.That is B.S. :(


Yes ocwen is a real joke and i too am not bothering with short sale attempts or giving them the pleasure of deed in lieu.The will not modify my adjistable rate and believe twenty one percent intrest is okay.

All of the obama crappy plans with good intentions get re vamped to suit the lender. Ocwen should be forced to work with individuals. It makes no sense. I paid each month on time and was de.ied three mods.

And on the fourth wasnt even notified of the denial. Ocwens investors out lien holders should be mindful of the loss they will be in by so many mess ups. Ocwen will be a real estate efore the market improves.

As for now i bank my payments and wait for foreclosure.And i got no check.


We tried to sell our home by short sale but Ocwen would not accept the 5 offers sent to them by qualified real estate agents.The last offer was a cash offer but Ocwen demanded the deal close in 7 days ( doomed to fail).

They got their wish by foreclosing on us.The $10 check was a joke.....there has to be something more we can do about this company!


The worst company their trick is to take your automatic deduction info and change one number thereby accruing late fees. All you can expect is to speak to someone in India that you cannot understand and will not help you.


To Chris, so after you wrote to the lawyers, did they say, that their would be nomore money to go out among all the class members, the checks, we did get, that was it.


Still no checking for us....does anyone out there know how to reach somebody??

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