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I have a buyer WAITING to buy my house in Maine!!! Ocwen sent T 2 B Property Management INTO my house when I was 42 days past a payment!

We are not in foreclosure!! They entered my house, drilled locks boxes to my door (taking off my lock box!!!), gave the code to my crazy neighbors (whom I am trying to move away from), pulled a door off it's hinges, put signs up everywhere, and UN winterized my house. I how have a trashed house and burst pipes!!!!!! To top it off....

while we are working with OCWEN on a modification (trying to avoid a short sale per suggestion of OCWEN!) they sent the same fool INTO my house to stack my belongings in the middle of each room! I called OCWEN and asked them what is going on. They claim that the never gave anyone permission to enter my home! They claim I am not in foreclosure.

They used Altisource who they ALSO own. Ocwen acted like Altisource was at fault for mistaking their role! Do not believe this. Now they do not answer my calls.

The Maine Att. General Office has been contacted. I have to pay to fix pipes to sell house. NOW - they increased my loan to include ME paying for them wrecking my house!

Is the America or not? Who is protecting America from this nonbank in India? To all of you tax payers....

if I go bankrupted - you get that bill. Is that OK with you?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Home Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sue them I am ...its the good fight

Join me and lets go get em

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