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We were never behind in our mortgage, but sent us papers to do modification because of past fees that came from Saxon Mortgage, when they transferred our mortgage to Ocwen in November of 2009. So we go ahead and do the modification, after so much problems with them sending us docs.

Not receiving docs and then receiving docs with date about 2 weeks late from when I received in the mail. Well we have finished our 3 month forbearance payments. I get a statement in the mail stating the amount due is 0.00 for August 2010. Let me go back a bit.

When we sent the modifications papers in the first time, I sent proof of insurance, which we have paid for our own since we bought the house. They sent me proof of insurance in May, I contacted them and faxed and emailed my declaration page for my house insurance. I get a letter on 06-05-2010 stating that the insurance has been canceled and they will refund all the premiums that have been funded for insurance. I called back in June to check the status on escrow, because our mortgage should be minus the insurance.

Only principle, Interest, and taxes. Well I placed a call on Thurs and the automated stated we owe $700 and some odd dollars for April in 2010, which is due in August 2010. Spoke to rep and needed to find out about our payment for Aug. Transferred the call and got disconnected twice.

Got frustrated and just did not call back. It is so frustrating talking to this company. Then I can not understand because their English is not well spoken. Well, I call today and basically per the Rep they want me to still pay the payment, and per modification they have to pay for my insurance, which I read to her and said that my Modification does not say that, In fact on Line 5 states that I send in proof of house insurance with my modification papers.

So they want me to pay my own insurance and theirs. I told her I will not do that. My insurance is cheaper and larger pay out, I have a better rate because we have auto and business insurance with this company. I told her I will not pay until I see something in writing.

Now she says to give them 5 days to review my account. Every time I call this company, they tell me a different story about my account, no one has ever said the same thing. It is like they do not even have computers there with notes of every call that comes in.

I think this company is a FRAUD. Just to note that I am a Realtor and I have never dealt with such an unprofessional mortgage company before.

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These guys are CROOKED !!!!, Me and my Wife was able to get a loan modification through Litton last year I assume Ocwen bought out Litton.Now Ocwen will not honor our remodification and are saying we are about to default if we do not send them $ 2,200.00 by months end and the worsst part is I bet these people are not sitting infront of a Computer. You can call 5 different times and get 5 different answers , very unprofessional.

I had heard somewher that by Law there has to ne a United States telephone number so you can communicate!!!I am not prejiduce I just want the facts. Really Really wierd .....


We need to have the information on the people that are complaining, I am willing to do a BIG complaint including the details of everyone in separate papers but all under the same defendant OCWEN that way the Attorney General will acutally take action, doing on your own dont do that move. I am willing to do it for FREE this just need to be stop and someone need to provide the first step, please write to me at




PLEASE see my post from 7/28 advising on a class action lawsuit which you can call to participate in. Although it may not give immediate relief to your situation, for me it feels like a ray of hope that Ocwen will get theirs in the long run.

We ended up hiring an attorney who spoke with Ocwen's legal reps and got our house off the foreclosure auction block on Aug 4(we had six days notice) until September 3. In the meantime our Congressman and the attorney have both demanded that Ocwen respond to our requests for information justifying their figures, which have been bogus from the time they acquired the loan.

And they also have to provide the note itself. We'll keep our fingers crossed until 9/3!

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