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Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC routinely asserts that our property's hazard insurance has expired when it very clearly has not, and this requires a trip through their insufferable bureacracy to rectify things. This happens at least annually. Most recently, they tell us our status is "forced insurance" and say they've purchased insurance on our behalf to cover the purported lapse. The loan has always been paid on time, never late or delinquent, the...
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Anonymous Your experience is exactly ours. It started March of 2015. At about the same time OCWEN was disclosing to shareholders that they had a cash crisis. This entire process was put...

In January 2012, Ocwen sent me a modification agreement. It had great terms with it, principal reduction, and lower interest rate. The terms indicated I needed to make initial down-payment (one month's payment) and the first trial payment, then they would modify my loan. They did not modify my loan until October 2013, twenty-two months later. I believe it was a case of the oops, we gave this guy too good of a deal, how can we make him forfeit...
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I am a single mom living in this house with my 2 year daughter, I have lived in this house for 8 years and back in 2013 due to an accident I had to quit my job and undergo treatment, I was on unemployment benefits for 9 months and after that I took up a job as soon as I was out of the hospital. Due to medical bills and cost of surgery I got behind on my mortgage for over $18k and Ocwen refused to gake any partial payments and refused ro work on...
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Nancy They are soon going to take my home too, I have equity in my house and that is why they will not give me a modification, also I am trying for the shortsale option but the offe...


Anonymous Great News!!! I am approved for a HAMP modification, Ocwen is sending me the paperwork in the mail, just can't wait to sign the paperwork, Thankyou, a speci...

I liked
  • Nothing about them
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  • Absolutely no customer service
My GMAC loan was sold to Ocwen after Gmac went bankrupt. Ocwen then sold my loan to Quicken Loans in August 2013. I was able to download my Quicken 1098 which covered Aug-Dec 2013. I attempted to procure my 1098 tax form from Ocwen for Jan - July 2013, which you think would be a simple activity. Not only was I unable to login to my Ocwen online account to take care of this myself, the system no longer recognized my social security number, nor...
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fuck you I agree. Ocwen sucks balls. My ex-wife let the *** house foreclose in 2009, but these idiots keep reporting the loan to all three agencies as 180 days late.
They are eith...

I didn't like
  • Call transfers
  • Rude representative
  • Unable to login

Log on to the Ocwen website and request a payoff quote, or a reinstatement quote. You can request them multiple times. Even if you are current on your payments, they will have to spend the money to process it, and mail them out, at no cost to you. Sure the processing is probably automatic, (even if it wasn't, the $0.50/hr they pay their Indian workers in New Delhi wouldn't amount to much), but they still have to pay for the paper, envelope,...
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tommy Go get em!

Ocwen Federal is a bunch of scammers, I have been trying to get them to lower my interest rate for over two years.... no good, just because I have equity, they have been giving me the runaround and charge me excessive fees for letters, and appraisals!Ocwen has failed to help me out with a loan modification because they say I don't make enough money to get a loan modification, and isn't that the reason why I would ask for a loan modification? The...
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Ocwen forces you to purchase flood insurance via FEMA...another SCAM! My home sits ABOVE and away from a creek and has been there for 76 years and 5 years ago when my mortgage was sold to Ocwen I was FORCED to purchase flood insurance. I have lived in my home for 17 years and there has NEVER been anything close to my home as far as a flood! AGAIN, my property has been there for 76 years! I was also told that FEMA re-mapped my flood zone last...
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My loan was sold to Ocwen about 4-5 years ago. I live in a rural area next to a creek and the original structure of my home has been there for 76 years and since my mortgage was sold OCWEN has worked with FEMA..another SCAM organization...I was FORCED to purchase flood insurance. AGAIN, my home has been on the exact property for 76 years and NO flood....not even cloes to my house because my house sits above and away from the creek. I have...
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I have my mortgage with Ocwen as well and have been trying to do a modification and was told on 3 occasions that I didn't qualify for any modification so I contacted an independent company who has been try to work with Ocwen for the past 5 months and no luck. I am 5 months behind in my mortgate payments and am now getting Debt Collection notices and scare tactics about forclosure etc. I am really scared reading all this about Ocwen and...
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