Do you have information about a Ocwen that you think has violated federal consumer financial laws? Are you a current or former employee of such a company, an industry insider who knows about such a company, or even a competitor being unfairly undercut by such a company? If so, the CFPB wants to hear from you. Tipsters and whistleblowers are encouraged to send information about what they know to whistleblower@cfpb.gov.Providing your name and contact information will make it easier for the CFPB to investigate the information you provide and may help us stop illegal conduct.

Still, we understand that it may be frightening to come forward with information about possible legal violations, especially if it is about your own employer. To the extent consistent with law enforcement needs, the Bureau will not disclose your identifying information and will maintain your confidentiality as permitted by federal laws. If you feel you can only provide information to us anonymously, you can call our toll-free number at (855) 695-7974 and follow the instructions to speak to a CFPB employee.


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Ocwen has foreclosed on our family home in 2005 because of frequent and vicious phone calls to my mom saying she is late on payments and monthly payments has been increased substantially because of some insurance they forced upon her. My family lived in this house since 1972 and I never lived anywhere else, so this foreclosure devastated me, my sister and my mom.

My mom was 64yrs old and was a victim of predatory financing practices. I would see her on the phone at times with ocwen almost having a heart attack hearing all kinds of statements saying she owes a lot of money and if she didn't pay they were going to foreclose on the house. my mom never was late on payments for the house in the more than 30 yrs. we lived there.

My mom could not take the hassles and lies of this predatory bank and did have a break down, and so came the foreclosure as my mom was not in a good state of mind and we lost our home of 30+ yrs. I tried to look for information and asked questions on how to fight back against ocwen bank and recover our home or at least be compensated for their unfair practices in loan servicing.

My mom passed away in 2007.

to Howard East Orange, New Jersey, United States #1010010

My Condolences, I was a Victim as well, this is the new U.S.A.


I think you are more interested in helping ocwentake advantage of consumers than you are in helping consumers

Los Angeles, California, United States #788893

I have been recently switched over to Ocwen, and as I sit here and read all these reviews, I feel as though I am sitting on a time bomb just waiting for my turn. I have just one question, WHY IS A COMPANY LIKE THIS ALLOWED TO OPERATE, PERIOD!


WHY DOESN'T OUR GOVERNMENT STEP IN? Somebody please tell me who I can get in touch with because I am not going to be able to make my March and most likely April payments, and needless to say Ocwen said that they cant help me!

to fetchkitty #1010012

This is the result of the Bank Bail Out, I've done my homework, it's hopeless, also ads on t.v. that are using all kinds of company names are Ocwens snakes under the rocks beware people, they will take your life and leave you alive.

Oak Hill, Ohio, United States #750750

My property had an appraisal $50,00 over valued by Platinum Data Ocwen will not modify trying since oct 2012 started with GMAC transferred to Ocwen my 1098's fluctuate erratically every year even I am supposed to have a fixed rate and have never been late. getting nowhere

to sword77 #788727

the 1098s are not being reported correctly as Ocwen is hiding income from the IRS and the expense of the borrower who anticipates a tax refund for mortgage interest deduction. I am currently fighting them for an amended 1098 for 2013..it is totally crazy. can't believe these thieves are still around.

Pasadena, California, United States #746147

Please file your complaint strictly with the federal government at the address that Ends In " .Gov" . only addresses that are either state or federal government are allowed to use the suffix dot gov.

As In .Gov . do your searChes under government agencies, And MaKe Sure You Are ReportingTo The Government.

I apologize That This Program Is Not Allowing Me To Write Without Capitalizing Everything. :upset

to realAttorneywhocares Ohio City, Ohio, United States #758533

thanks I have filed with CFPB have my fingers crossed

Aiken, South Carolina, United States #721576

I have 2 robo-signed Lost Mortgage Assignment Affidavits from Ocwen, which they are trying to use to foreclose on my property; I refinanced with Best Rate Funding in 2006 and who collapsed/bankrupt in 2007. Best Rate's mortgage is the only mortgage recorded on my property- somehow, some way Ocwen claims they are attorneys-in-fact for US Bank, but cannot provide any documents connecting Best Rate Funding to US Bank except for the robo-signed affidavit recorded 6/4/13; one day prior to my federal housing grant closing where I qualified for $36k in housing assistance- Ocwen was unable to provide proof (Assignment)of ownership- so I was unable to receive federal grant funds due to their non-compliance. They served me with foreclosure papers on 9/13/13- I'm fighting it!

to Sue Grantham Pasadena, California, United States #746151

good luck, and keep fighting it. I think that you will prevail if you can just stay persistent and not give in to their scare tactics.

Your documentation sounds correct, and if you are dealing with the correct federal agency, which would undoubtedly be the agency that directly granted you the funds, there must be a consumer complaint or investigation department within that part of the federal government.

Best of luck and please keep us posted. :) it is great that anyone has succeeded in getting the housing grant and I again wish you the best.


Here you go....

Litton Loans servicing foreclosed on our home, but didn't notify the second or the third. So we got the house back 1 year later, after moving out and buying another home.

Then Ocwen took over and was going to do a modification, then when we got our taxes done...they said no that the first foreclosure was done right.

What????Yes and they tried to kick out our renters....and harassed our renters. and also told them everything about our loan.

By the way why they where telling the renters all this...we got a check from a settlement that Litton Loan servicing agreed to with the feds., and a letter stating that the foreclosure was wrong.

So, 2007 moved out, because foreclosure realtor made us.

Foreclosed on in 2008, told we owned it in 2010. Ocwen says we don't own it in 2013. Now as of today9/15/2013 Their Lawyers say we can do a MOD????How can you do a MOD if you don't own it???

Ocwen is a Dumb A$$

to ty Sebring, Florida, United States #745207

I notice there is no response from the original poster " caring Goverment " !! Just Sayin

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