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I have been in my home for fourteen years before my mortgage was sold to ocwen, the last two years have been a nightmare!! first they put the wrong property address on the mortgage papers so we were never notified when our mortgage transferred to them.

By the time we foung out we were three months behind, they said they would modify the loan to bring us current but after we were current they would not lower the payments and soon we fell behind again first they said we did not qualify for a modification because they had already modified it then after more time passed they said we could apply for an obama modification. it has been more than a year now and all they do is say they need one paper after another!! I called on 11/12 2010 and they said that all they needed was another copy of the first page of the hardship affidavite and they would be able to put it through to the supervisors for the payment, instead my home went for sale on the 17th of november. I have recieved notices from ocwens lawyers asking for the judge to cancel the sale and another asking for the sale to be vacated, i keep calling hopenow and having them conference call ocwen and was told that we qualfied for the modification and our account would be escalated but since then i cannot get an answer from them, when i call noone can tell me what is going on if i get a person to answer they only want to transfer me to another department.

how is this company allowed to play with peoples homes this way? Is this even legal?

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Can understand your upset. We fell behind in a five apartment home, and they would not listen or 'try' to help us no matter what we asked them to do to work with us on the mortgage. My husband was not working and I was ill. But then we found a great buyer with an agent, and they could pay most every bit needed to cover it all, and they "still" refused us even the sale, to bring us up to date, and in order for us to be free of this problem and this being held against us with our credit being totally ruined!

People know they are not acting legal or ethical in anyway, and yet they are allowed to continue doing things like this. We ended up going bankrupt, and it was needless, if they would have accepted the payment as of " full" with our sale, in which they would have not loss hardly anything in the deal offered, with an agent yet. We spoke often with a Supervisor also..

So we can understand anyone being upset, irritated, and knowing they are being fraud-ed.

I read where someone mentioned they are out of India, and this is totally believable , and will leave it at that.

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