My husband and I bought our house in 1995, after renting it for five years. We have brought back an 1897 Victorian in my hometown.

Our three children are flourishing and thriving in a warm and loving home, which is the only home they know. In 2006 we were cold-called by a mortgage company who talked us out of a 7 3/4, thirty-year fixed rate mortgage and promised us a 6 1/4, thirty-year fixed rate mortgage, the taxes and insurance, as always, were to be included. Our mortgage payment was to be $2400.00 TOTAL, FIXED. They misrepresented the HUD papers, lied and committed fraud and deception, amongst many, many other crimes.

Two months after signing the mortgage papers, we got a letter with an increase to $3200.00 a month. I called immediately and they said the new payment represented the escrow which was not included at the time of the closing. We hired a lawyer and have been fighting to keep our house for the past four (4) years. We intend to file a class action lawsuit and we need anybody and everybody to contact us so we can include you in the action.

The modification is a scam, once again, it is more of the same lies and deception. They lie straight to the judges face and when the paperwork comes it does not represent what they are ordered to do. We will succeed and we will take this company down, I will see to it, personally. Please contact me via this complaint site.

I will offer contact info once I see people interested and sending me email or some response.

This company must be stopped and people need to stop leaving their homes based on the fraud and outrageous behavior of this scandalous and corrupt company. Sign me, I WILL NOT LEAVE MY HOME, EVER, "WE ***" (ocwen)

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Monetary Loss: $438.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #243029

I am in the same position with ocwen as everyone else. They added 20,000.00 to my mortgage and numerous fees. Please someone help me I don't know who can be trusted anymore.


Contact me we are in the same position after 7 years.


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