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Our loan was transfered from Homeq Servicing to Ocwen in September. We received a letter from Homeq in August but never received any info from Ocwen.

I finally on September 15th, 2010 called Homeq to get the phone number then called Ocwen. They needed my loan number which of course was changed and I didn't know that was! I called the number which I wanted to make my payment due on September 1st no statement ever sent! When talking to the very minimal english that I needed to pay a payment.

I asked if I could make the payment over the phone and he took all my info and then proceeded to tell me that there would be a $19.95 charge to do that! I said well you didn't send me a statement shouldn't make the waived and he said "no mam!" And if I was to send it it would be late! I proceeded to spend another $19.95 to keep in good standings and asked if they could verify my address and be sure that I was to receive a statement next month..Yes Mam! Well it is October 5th 2010 and no statement!

Called today to ask where is statement..I don't know I need to transfer you to another department, okay, he comes back on after about 4 minutess and says there is a long wait could I call back in 2 hours. I work nights and proceeded to say that and was told you will have to do that. So I asked for the billing address, where to send it too and etc. The gentleman that I spoke to was very hard to understand and I STILL HAVE NO STATEMENT!!

Consumer trying to keep in good standings with mortgsge and isn't Ocwen suppose to inform me of my statement each month! Homeq was horrible too but this is not very impressive either!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $267.

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My home was purchased from HomeQ two months ago by Ocwen also, haven't received a statement from them yet.... I called them today and and asked them why - they asked my mailing address and it was one that I lived at six years ago when i bought the home!

How could they send me notification of buying my loan (which I did recieved) and not have my billing or mailing address??????? They have a pattern like many other mortgage companies of using excuses to THEIR BENEFIT, definitly not yours or mine....but we are the ones being held legally accountable for their attempt theft of our homes!!

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