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We were a former GMAC account, when they transferred us to Ocwen it went down hill from there. We finally decided to pay our home loan off as they would call us when the payment had already been paid and would not give you their name or any call back number that worked to tell them to stop, during the payoff period we were given wrong information by a "Supervisor" which was wrong and we feel he did it intentionally as it forced us to pay more interest, we will be taking them to court for a refund of said interest, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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These guys have no idea on how to do business in an ethical and consilitory manner. Run away very fast.


Payments are auto drafted from my Chase checking account monthly. This payment schedule was set up 4 June 2003 by GMAC with drafts taking place 15 early.

OCWEN shows payments drafted in the grace period. My Credit score is 816 and reflects my diligence in paying early, never late. OCWEN immediately began drafting payments on the 17th or later to create a late pay history. My repeated requests by letters requesting payoff timelines, processes for payoff and delivery of title/note have never been addressed.

I have documentation of my requests originating in December. Since OCWEN refuses to address these issues, a refinance, 5 year loan from my Credit Union seems to be the only recourse, to disentangling my self from this corrupt corporation.

I will again notify Senator Boxer of this unresolved issue. A case file through the Senator's office has been started on my behalf.

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