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My story is so long I can't even begin to go into all of the details, but the short of it is that my primary mortgage company offered me a deed in lieu in November of last year. To move forward with this DIL all I need is a settlement letter from Ocwen stating what they would be willing to settle for. To be fair, they did provide one to me in February of this year, but the primary mortgage couldn't meet their extremely short timeframe to send the funds. I figured that it would be easy to go back to Ocwen and ask them to just provide a letter with a new date that I could provide to my primary. It's now July, and you can't even begin to imagine what I have been through with this company. So, here it goes...

In March, my loan was "moved" from one part of Ocwen to another, so I essentially had to start all over with the paperwork as nothing transferred. How in the heck in this day and age of technology could they not send any of the files to another part of the business? Seriously?

At this same time my account dealings were now outsourced to another country where I could barely understand what the people were saying half of the time. Trying to explain a complex matter to them was just as challenging. At the end of the day I kept saying "I JUST NEED A SETTLEMENT LETTER FROM YOU PEOPLE (politely, of course)!" So, I talked with my relationship-or-lack-thereof manager on a monthly basis, and when I needed to would schedule calls in between. I kept getting the same old story, it's in for review, it's in for review, it's in for review, followed by it will be another 2-3 weeks before we have an answer so can I schedule a call for 30 days from now. So, imagine my surprise when I thought my request was submitted for a settlement letter and this week I received a letter denying a short sale and a deed in lieu. WHAT? As my second mortgage, which they are well aware of, I can't qualify for either of those with you I just need a darn settlement letter. I even sent them the documents from my primary mortgage stating specifically what I needed from them numerous times.

So, finally I have a breakthrough on Tuesday of this week. I reach someone who says well now that we have denied the short sale and DIL, we can provide you a settlement letter. He asked what I could settle for and what date I could settle by. He said I'd have a letter by today. Guess what - NO LETTER. It gets better. I call Ocwen and I'm told my loan has been transferred to their collections department and I will need to speak with them. So they transfer me and no surprise this department does not yet have my files and it will take 4-5 business days and to call back next Friday. Meanwhile my primary mortgage is on standby to get Ocwen a settlement payment.

All I'm trying to do is settle with these people for a dollar amount. I need a *** one page letter that I can give to my primary, so that we can move on from this and now they have moved me yet again. At least if I'm now in collections (note my loan hasn't even been defaulted a year) maybe I will finally stand a chance of getting this letter.

Sorry this is probably more of a rant than anyone cares to read and may not make sense, but I am a pissed consumer right now and I needed a platform to get it all out because the offshore call center can do nothing for me.

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