This is the most unconcerned and unprofessional mortgage company that I have ever come across. I satisfied my trial period and have called them everyday to see where my modification documents are and why they continue to tell me I have a modification and never send me the paperwork to complete.

I was initially told that I would receive the new terms prior to completing my trial period. I completed my trial period as of Oct. 1st, today is Oct 24th and no one seems to be able to give me any information other than it is in a "SPECIAL DEPARTMENT" and they will email your documents within 5 days. I have been assigned (2) Relationship Managers who have both stated "YES" you have a modification and they are putting a rush on sending my final documents.

This conversation started in August to date "NO PAPERWORK". Ocwen's business practices are horrible to say the least.

I've recently suffered an illness due to stress from them not doing their job. This company should be "SHUT DOWN".

Review about: Ocwen Mortgage.

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Nevada, United States #891097

I think you shouldn't wait and go all out, they tried this with me, they did not send me the paperwork until I had a Mortgage Consultantation agency to deal with them directly on my behalf, finally they got me my paperwork.

California, United States #890790

They deid this with me too, I completed the trial payments and kept calling them for the agreement and to my surprise they cancelled my modification saying that post trial payment review stated that my net to present value test did not qualify me for a modification .

Then I learned on the internet that they have done this with many others too, they did not give me another modification after that, I lost my home to these crooks.

I wish I had taken some professional help to sort this out when I had time.

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