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each time ocwen contacts me they advise me that i may be recorded however I received a call from Ocwen today and I advised the caller I would be recording the call and he said if I was recording the call he was going to disconnect I said Okay and he did. Is this proper?

Seems only fair because these representatives have lied several times to me , they have been argumentative, rude . I am following my attorney"s advice I have been trying since July 2012 to reach a reasonable resolution I have been advised by everyone including attorney general, cfpb, to bring suit as there is definitely something wrong here.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #818554

Look up State Recording Laws. Some states are "one party" and others are "two party".

In a one party state you may record a conversation without the other parties consent and there is no legal requirement to tell them that you're recording.

In a two party state you are required to have the other party's consent to record a conversation -so obviously you won't have to choose whether or not to tell them.

Ex: Colorado is a one party state. I am a CO resident. When I call or speak to anyone with whom I feel the conversation should be recorded for my safety -such as Ocwen, I turn on my mini-digital recorder and put my phone on speaker and hold both of them in the same hand and well, converse.

They, do not need to be in the same state as you for it to be legal. If YOU live in a one party state you can record with or without the other party's consent regardless of their location.

I have recorded every single call (when I made my payments by phone -now I do it online!) to Ocwen and every single conversation with anyone employed by or related to them.

I don't tell them I'm recording because I'm not legally required to. I record any calls I have to make to Ocwen for my own safety and it has been invaluable. They've stated 'facts' that they have in "their records" that contradict the documents they send and contradict the (accurate) documentation that I have. They lie so much they can't keep them straight so they're burying themselves -in addition of course to their typical, "business as usual" deceptive and fraudulent practices and the inaccurate and fraudulent documents they continue to send in their quest to steal the equity in my home.

I've been BEGGING to pay them off and I can't get a payoff statement -imagine that. I now have an attorney. Check your state laws and if you are in a "one party" state where audio recording is concerned, record away. And you do not, have to tell anyone you are recording.

Where Ocwen (or any other predator) is concerned I'd record them to protect myself regardless of the law. Being a "law" doesn't necessarily mean it's just or ethical. Society evolves and the laws need to evolve with it. You have the right to protect yourself, especially from a monster like Ocwen.

Besides, they sure don't respect any "laws". Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.

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