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Yeah, I too got caught up in the fraudulent foreclosure game that is so much a hallmark of this *** company. Might as well stick a burka on me and stone me for all of the rights I feel I have right now as an American citizen.

These crooks stole my home right out from under my feet (one missed phantom fee for a few hundred dollars that came out of nowhere and next thing I knew they have served a foreclosure notice on the home I have owned and scrimped and saved to keep for six years. Where is Obama and his so-called Make Home Affordable plan in all of this. My advice is this. Don't buy a house - not now, not ever.

As long as these predatory douchebags are allowed to run rampant on America's Main Street, you'd be a total fool to get caught up in the foreclosure scam that is the current homeowner's nightmare.

I have nothing but regrets. In 2 weeks I will be out on the streets and I never thought this would happen to me.

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