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I retired in 2007, then Hurricane Wilma hit and I had 5 ft. of water in my appartments, including the one that I currently live in. I lost my job, I lost my tenants due to the damage.

My insurance on the property did not cover getting my appartment redone, thanks to all the scammers that took advantage of me in doing repairs/remolding.

I have let Ocwen know what I can afford to pay each month including escrow, they have come within $500.00 but won't get down past that.

Ocwen also said in the papers that they served that they had either lost, destroyed or misplaced my Prommissory Note. (They never had it.) Ocwen asked the Judge to let them use a copy, but I haven't seen that reply.)

Ocwen bought my loan from First Stree Financial, which also went from Fixed loan to Adjustable Rate.

Ocwen also wants to attend the court hearing via telephone, I feel that since they are the ones doing this then their butts need to be here in person.

Ocwen also has my sister's name on these papers as part owner, I bought her share out years ago, and she has never been on any one of my mortgages.

but, Ocwen told me that I have to correct this.

I need help, I've been taken advantage of by two different scammers and have had so many phone calls, but I need someone that can get this mortgage straighted out so that I don't lose my Family Home where I grew up.

Review about: Ocwen Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $418.

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