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We were told when we got our original loan that we could refiance in a year well we were somehow turned over to Ocwen and it has been a nightmare ever since. they lie to you on the phone and then tell you it was never said even though they record the conversation!

they keep adding fees to the loan and give crazy offers that you have as ex. on Oct. 27 after 4:00pm to sign a legal document to sign &sent back to them by Oct. 31.

It would lower payments 4 a few years and then a balloon payment at the end of more then we owed then and in the wording it said that you had a lawyer look at it before signing[i wonder how many did sign not reading the fine print because it at 1st sounded so good] When i called them they got snippy and told me i didn't have to accept it. My brother lost his home to them 130,ooo home and instead working with him they forclosed and sold it for 16,000 good business sense? Last time i talked to ocwen 2 mo. ago gonna send paper work to lower our interest rate, still waiting.

loan mod. act from obama is a sham.

morgage companies got rich on it. homeowners got screwed.

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