I worked for the 3rd party servicer SWBC what a joke. The CSRs are told to advise the customer that the People who work at the 4 servicing centers in INDIA are only tht "Operators".

We were advised they pay these individuls are mere salary of $11000.00 a year. OCWEN DOES NOT want ay of their clients to know that the monies they pay for their loans goes OVERSEAS to supplement their economy NOT the UNITED STATES. Its bad enough that as employees we were required to LIE to the customer.. OCWEN knew the borrower had insurance when all the paperwork at closing was signed.

OCWEN would send out LPI Lender placed insurance was issued for the loans for not submitting the property insurance in a timely matter. The first letter goes out 7-14 days after signing then slapping this outrageously priced insurance that only covers the amount OCWEN has loaned. The fees that are charged for this joke of insurance is unbelievable.

Always non-refundable. HATED lieing to the customer who believe in this JOKE of a company...

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