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This company easily has the worst customer service of any company I've ever done business with. You cannot talk to anyone who knows what they are doing.

Everyone you can speak with is in India, is reading from a script, cannot think for themselves, and cannot communicate effectively in English. They are very rigid and arbitrarily take actions without providing research or contractual support. There is no recourse - even calls to ombudsman are ignored. I've never been so frustrated and felt so disempowered.

My mortgage was sold to them and I would have to refinance to get away from them.

Which I have actually seriously considered but circumstances do not permit. Stay away from these guys!!!!

Review about: Ocwen Refinance.

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I could have written this review- I just posted something similar on another site. They weren't able to give me end-of-year tax info because they didn't have any record of my having been a customer.

??? They sure accepted my payments. The Ombudsman had the nerve to respond to say that they were reviewing my situation and would get back to me and then never did.

I had to call their call center multiple times and get the same wierd scripted responses that were totally unrelated to my compaint before eventually being transferred to someone stateside who could give me the dollar figures with a few clicks of her mouse. I still never got the tax statement or the substantive response from the ombudsman.

Lake Worth, Florida, United States #865948

I suggest you move very fast, They will FORECLOSE. They just FORECLOSED on my home after 23 yrs of owning. Now ME and family have no where to go!!!!

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