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Lost house to fire-Ocwen forclosed 3 weeks before check to fix house was to be sent.Ocwen received check - made out to me and Ocwen-cashed it without me knowing Cant get anyone on the phone to fix this BIG PROBLEM.Need help- need attorney ASAP. Im REALLY PISSED.caLL ME 954-479-7815.

I have been dealing with this for 7 years- all of the sudden- i find out Ocwen got paid off- 70,000$ more than loan balance - never received a letter or a call. Trying to get someone on the phone has been impossible. And no one speaks english enough to understand me.

Ikeep getting transfered to different departments and then disconnected. It has been my worst exsperience of my life!!!No one should have to go through this!!!!

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I am in the nightmare of Ocwen, My employer advance over 5000.00 that Ocwen stated I was behind due to Escrow and BTW from day one my loan was trnasfered to Ocwen I had late charges .... they stated they could apply this fee and they do on all payments, because the borrower is always late.

anyways once I thought I was caught up guess waht I am over 5000.00 behind again in under a year with me still making payments, the charges are now their attorney fees, and interest I have been arguing everyday and emailed several emails of people who probally dont exist have fax confirmations and western union receipts and they still are trying and moved forward with foreclosure!

can someone help send an Attorney this way, what are my rights and I have had this home for over 10 years busted my butt and sacrificed for what... if anyone knows about a law suite or lawyer etc please contact me.....

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