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Lost house to fire-Ocwen forclosed 3 weeks before check to fix house was to be sent.Ocwen received check - made out to me and Ocwen-cashed it without me knowing Cant get anyone on the phone to fix this BIG PROBLEM.Need help- need attorney ASAP. Im REALLY PISSED.caLL ME 954-479-7815.

I have been dealing with this for 7 years- all of the sudden- i find out Ocwen got paid off- 70,000$ more than loan balance - never received a letter or a call. Trying to get someone on the phone has been impossible. And no one speaks english enough to understand me.

Ikeep getting transfered to different departments and then disconnected. It has been my worst exsperience of my life!!!No one should have to go through this!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ocwen Loan.

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We started in June 2007 trying to work with JP Chase Morgan on our mortgage. We had to submit our loan modification paperwork 13TIMES!! as they continued to state when we called, 6+times per week to check on status, that CHASE lost the paperwork. In mid-2008 we finally got a modification package, notarized it, and sent over 6 figure payment to them as "good faith" payment per modidfication agreement. They LOST IT too! So we hired an attorney and in the interim we received a 2nd Modification Package which we again signed and executed notarized. We starting paying as agreed and one month received a statement with old terms prior to modification and letter threatening to foreclose. We hired same attorney and filed a lawsuit to enforce modification. We agreed to give Chase time to respond and finally they sent us a release and agreement to settle. We signed and executed but NEVER executed against the terms. We went back to them in mid 2008 and still no answer or settlement. With 4 kids, business to run, and unsettled housing situation we are faced with Bankruptcy to try to settle or get Chase to DO THE RIGHT THING. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE that can help a hardworking, honest person who just wants CHASE to do the right thing. We have almost lost our marriage over this and have been unable to secure business funding due to the negative impact and damage this has caused us.

Please help! or 952-400-7864 ext#0

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